Yoga Nidra Healing Circle

Welcome to the Yoga Nidra Healing Circle where like-minded souls gather together within a sacred space facilitated by Justine Nagaur, founder of Aurora Facets Transformational Healing and creator of bespoke prayer malas.

Within this cherished circle, you will be held in a safe space that embodies deep connected healing for all present amplified by the foundation of being within the energy of the collective.

The core of each weekly experience comprises a warm welcome, the option to share with each other in a non-judgemental safe space.  We will then energetically connect the circle of all present with a beautiful meditation followed by deep restorative relaxation of the deep liminal space of Yoga Nidra with Alchemy Sounds where profound healing can occur and different states of consciousness.

Each week is curated to align with the energy of what we are experiencing around us at the time for example the seasons or the Moon cycles, it is a journey of ever-unfolding beautiful discovery.

This circle is open to everyone of all genders over the age of 18 or over.

I would love for you to join our circle.

Justine Nagaur


Justine’s Sleep Yoda Nidra sessions wonderful way to leave the stress of the day behind and resetting & relaxing your mind before going to sleep. 

C.T Auditor

I have really enjoyed the two sessions of Sleep Yoga Nidra which have been very well led, intimate and very beneficial. The advice about preparing the bedroom was invaluable and I now spend time making sure I don’t have piles of dirty/clean clothes etc around the room, I have changed the lighting to something much calmer and have cleared out all the things stored under my bed. The guidance is very clear and calming and I become relaxed very quickly. I have enjoyed much better sleep since which has a knock on effect the following day – I feel more energised, in a better mood, organised and relaxed.

Thank you so much. x 

Victoria Denning

‘Thank you for yesterday’s session. I thoroughly enjoyed it
Thank you for your knowledge your passion and generosity. Looking forward to many more magical experiences’

What You Will Enjoy

Please take a peek to the side to see some key benefits of this beautiful circle time.  Each session is weekly on Wednesdays at 9 pm for approximately one hour.  There will be a recording of each session taken and popped into your portal until Sunday so you never miss out should life call you elsewhere.

The energy exchange monthly is £60.

Your Own Online Portal

A place to learn

From time to time I shall be dropping into the portal various wellness tips, quotes and energy hacks as a bonus for you to enjoy.

Yoga Nidra & Alchemy Sound

Each week there will be a beautiful yoga Nidra led by myself and accompanied with an alchemy soundscape to take you to that liminal space of deep rest before you head off to a deep sleep!

Healing Circle

Strengthen your intuition

Enjoy intuitive meditations where we connect as a circle, opening up to Spirit and embracing curated healing visualisations.

Upgrade to Luxe

If you wish for deeper immersion into your healing journey I offer a Luxe upgrade which includes 1:1 sessions with me.  In order to enquire about this please book a call.

About me

Hello, my name is Justine, I am the founder of Aurora Facets Transformational Healing and creator of bespoke prayer malas.

Why did I create this circle?

Many of us have experienced such a tumultuous time of ever-changing life experiences, including isolation, confusion, pain, sleep disorders, anxiousness, a sense of loss, chronic illnesses flaring up to name but a few, combined with an onslaught of different offerings online, which even to me as a seasoned healer can be mind-boggling.

I myself have suffered isolation in the past through long term chronic illness and most of the above long before the pandemic struck, I know what it is like.  It took sheer determination to turn my life around but this took a long time as I did it on my own.

I would have loved a community where I could have connected, felt safe, been under someone’s guidance who was mature, seasoned with life, in a non-judgemental space, who had been through what I was experiencing, to energetically hold my hand side by side yet also have the healing knowledge to help me.

I offer this.

My career of over 25 years as a holistic therapist pivoted into becoming a multi-disciplinary healer after my chronic illness as I sought to then provide what helped me to bring to others in a similar position so that no one would need to struggle as I did.

Certain modalities held strongly on to my heart, one being yoga Nidra, the other sound, crystals and meditation.  I bring all of this together as a powerful healing toolkit to my sessions with lashings of love and authentic intention.

Justine x


Join The Circle

Take some time out just for yourself, one step quick sign up and you’re on your way!

Luxe Upgrade, Book a 1:1

If you are looking to immerse more into your healing journey, delve deeper into the needs of your mind, body and spirit, need some spiritual guidance, better home practice and or actual channelled healing, then I have a few limited spots for 1:1 clients which I curate into your very own bespoke programme.

To enquire in the first instance please book a call and we can discuss your needs and whether working together on this basis is the way to move forwards.

This will be an extension on top of your Healing Circle time.



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