1:1 Healing Programmes

You are your biggest investment.

Self Investment

Neglecting the “self”.

It’s something too many of us deny ourselves. We spend time, energy, and often money filling up the cups of those around us, but neglecting the “self” in the process. With so much to juggle as modern women, we forget to look inward.

However, investing in yourself is a powerful tool. It shifts you from a place of passively experiencing your reality, to actively taking accountability for it! Only then, in this space of openness to change, are we able to embrace energetic wellness. 

Working with me as your guide through this process, we will get to know all sides of you, even those darker aspects that you may be keen to avoid. After all, our struggles are often the best teacher. They show us what needs to be attended to and together, we can free this discomfort to build intuition, inner wisdom, and a sense of balance. 

My 1:1 healing programmes shine a light on what you have always known, but may not have remembered: That you are a wonderful, powerful person.







Working with me is all about allowing yourself within a safe space to surrender to opening up, in your own time to the space that will free your pain, our pain is here to tell us something to show us something needs to be attended to.

I am here to help you see what that is and pain can come in so many forms.

My passion is to empower you, deepen that connection with yourself.

Creating a healthy relationship with you ‘self’.  Learning from me powerful yet simple tools to take home with you for your own self-practice.

I believe in accountability and it is my job to guide you into that space of self-perpetuation of wishing to step into this space, to explore, to journey into a state of better wellness, strengthen your connection with your intuition, your inner wisdom that relates to both the mind, body and spirit.

I shine the light to help you come out from the shadows, the pain, the confusion and lack of knowing of what a wonderful and powerful person you really are.


Investing in yourself is in itself such a powerful motivating action.  Having a clear plan, which a course will set out, knowing you have that guidance for the period of time, that accountability, the boundaries of time yet the safety of knowing you will be nurtured, listened to and guided is 100% more advantageous than just booking sessions ad hoc.

We look after our physical bodies by having regular sessions at the gym, embracing our coffee fix by daily caffeine shots, subscribing to packages here and there.

Yet we leave out one of the most important parts of our ‘self’ that being our energetic self.  

Often this is lucky to get a second glance.  Taking responsibility for your own energetic wellbeing can create massive transformations within you and empower you to get a grip of your own health.

You also get the benefit of your own membership page, exclusive and bespoke to you full of amazing tips and exclusive membership offers!

Healing at a glance

Quick Glance

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Single Healing Sessions



My one-off healing experiences are ideal for anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of energetic healing or those who need a “spiritual top-up” following previous healing work.

Short and sweet, each session is 1.5 hours long, either online or off (in SW14) to suit your lifestyle. Having got to know your desires and needs through my targeted questionnaire, I will curate and cultivate a healing experience that is truly impactful.

Through a unique mix of ancient healing techniques and mentorship, I will lead you into a safe space where you can free yourself of pain and remove blocks to wellbeing. Crystals, sound, meditation, breathwork, and yoga nidra will combine to shine a light on negative patterns and reset your sense of power. 

Discovery Programme

Dip your toes into energy work and start your healing journey

My more in-depth Discovery Programme is perfect for anyone looking to create a strong foundation for their own self-care and spiritual practice at home. Or for those who want to refresh how they’re currently navigating their healing journey!

How does it work?

Completely bespoke to your needs and past experiences, the programme will start with a consultation call and questionnaire to set us up for success. Each session can then be attended in-person (SW14) or online, to suit your lifestyle and allow you to seamlessly incorporate energy healing in a way that works for you. In total, the programme time is 4.5 hours, over one month.  

The personalised sessions will bring together a unique mix of hands-on and hands-off healing time, using ancient tools such as crystals, sound, and yoga nidra. Couch-based mentoring will also be used to shine a light on the sources of any negative behaviours, experiences and feelings, so that you can begin to heal.

What else is included?

Unlike one-off healing sessions, my Discovery Programme is bolstered by a private portal. This will equip you with pre-recorded meditations and healing scripts, curated to best serve you between sessions, for an ongoing and almost unwavering sense of wellbeing. This bespoke online space will also be frequently updated with suggestions and re-caps, along with access to previous trainings I have led, if I believe they will be pertinent to your healing journey.

Transformational Healing Programme

Profound transformation is within reach

This highly personalised and deeply intentional programme is my most in-depth offering, to allow you to dive deeply into a journey of healing, with me as your guide every step of the way. It’s been especially crafted to create longevity through empowering you to take charge of your internal wellbeing.

How does it work?

The programme is a total of 12 hours, which can be taken online or in-person (SW14), across a 3-month period. There is no strict formula to each session – every healing journey looks different! However, after getting to know your needs and history with an in-depth consultation and questionnaire, I will curate them to best serve your energy healing.


Bringing together various modalities, the programme will utilise the complete wealth of my healing skill set. Crystals, meditation, yoga nidra, breathwork, and other ancient practices will combine with spiritual guidance. Together, we will find a combination of hands-on and hands-off healing that serves you.

Ultimately, this will create a space in which you feel heard and seen. Within this comfort, you will be able to not only open up, but to let go, so that you can overcome blocks to your wellbeing. This in turns fuels a liberated self, in which the wheel of heeling starts to move, energy flows and trauma is released.


What else is included?

Your sessions will be bolstered by a private portal, including pre-recorded meditations and healing scripts to assist you between sessions. Your personal healing portal will also be frequently updated with suggestions and re-caps, along with access to any of my previous trainings, if I believe they will be pertinent to your healing journey. 


    What about inbetween sessions?

    As well as your own private portal full of powerful healing tools to support you, you will also get Ad hoc invites to select events as suitable for your needs and VOXER contact with me.


    You will also receive

    • 1 Moon Journal to guide you through harnessing the powerful lunar cycles
    • 1 starter mala (set of prayer beads) which can be used to infuse meditations and daily life with intention
    • A Zoom session on how to use your mala and the activation process
    • Exclusive access to my Mala Goddess private Instagram page, for further support on your healing journey
    • A set of ethically sourced crystals, chosen based on your personal needs
    • Access to my online Moon Circle Events for the duration of your programme.

    Words Of Wisdom

    Bespoke Spirit Writing

    Receive your own channelled Angelic message which focuses on the bigger picture of guidance for your own well-being, what is needed right here, right now and moving forwards.

    This comes in the form of an esoteric writing, often in old tongue and with a poetic feel to it.

    It is presented in beautiful hard copy or online.

    The journey then begins of using this beautiful piece of writing to meditate with, journey and understand the deeper meaning of yourself.



    Healing at it's simplest

    Easy guidance requiring no initial time on your part as I channel  prophetic words.  The journey starts thereafter.



    A beautiful keepsake of wisdom and word.


    Meditation, mindfulness, guidance

    One piece of writing provides a multitude of ways of working with your own well-being.

    Bespoke Yoga Nidra and Healing

    Embrace healing and curated meditation as your own keep-sake

    I am a huge advocate of Yoga Nidra, meditation in any form and Alchemy sound.  I have a passion for writing curated healing scripts for people and it’s such a joy to be a part of that journey.

    The purpose of this programme is to leave you with a beautiful healing Yoga Nidra with Alchemy Sounds audio which is yours as a keep-sake, written from our connection and your healing journey.


    • We start with a call, this is outside of your  session time, to discuss your needs and to ensure this is the right programme for you.
    • Once confirmed all your appointments will be set up and payment is due before the start date.
    • You will then be asked to fill in two specific online consultations, you will be surprised to know that deep healing can already take place during this process.  One consultation is for your specific healing needs when we work with the mentoring/couch healing session and the other for my curation of your Yoga Nidra script.  My intention being that you will have a healing audio that is not just for now, it is more long term in its support for your wellness and healing journey.
    • During this period the curation of your programme will start, it will be tailored exactly to your needs.
    • You will have both Spiritual mentoring and hands on/off couch healing sessions with me, be it online or in person at my place in SW14.  After the healing has taken place you will be invited to revisit your answers on the consultation, we will note the changes and I will then take time to channel and write your curated Yoga Nidra script.
    • Once written we will set a time for you to experience this online live, during which time it will be recorded, after which you will then get it gifted to you as a download to keep.
    • Total programme time is 3 1/2 hours online (Zoom) or in-person (SW14)  to be completed within a 3 week period.  £395

    What about inbetween sessions?

    Your own private motivational/supportive membership section bolstering your ongoing practice whilst embarking on your programme which will have all your re-caps from our sessions, any journal prompts, tips and links to any meditations that have been made accessible.


    What will I work with at home?

    After the guidance sessions there will be various re-caps and suggestions dropped into your personal healing portal to use for the duration of the programme.  If relevant you will also be gifted access to various recordings pertinent to your healing journey.


    What if I want to deepen my healing transformation?

    You will be given the option of integrating this programme into the Three Month Bespoke Transformational Healing Programme (see above), where the time you have used and price paid will be deducted as used.  This option is available if taken within six weeks of the end date of the three week programme, otherwise the purchase/timings are standard as above.


    Sound Alchemy Healing Sessions

    Powerful Sound Healing

    “A person does not hear sound only through the ears; he hears sound through every pore of the body. It permeates the entire being, and according to its particular influence, either slows or quickens the rhythm of the blood circulation; it either awakens or soothes the nervous system”
    ― Hazrat Inayat Khan

    When I have been in pain in the past, having suffered from chronic for many years, I found sound to be a place of extreme comfort, a place where I would gain insights about myself, a place where my pain would wash away.  I would drift away upon the tones of the soundscape and go to magical healing places as my body absorbed these powerful sonic waves to unblock and heal me in a profound way.  I offer this to you!

    This series will be intuitively led, sometimes with one, two or a whole soundscape of different instruments, this can vary from my crystal alchemy bowls, the gong, drumming, koshi chimes, hapi drum, rain stick and more.  It will be bespoke to you and exactly what you require at the time, the journey however not ending a the end of the session as the powerful waves integrate into your body as does your mind re-wire and free itself from constraints of negative patterns, creating sometimes such a deep release.

    You can mix and match the timing of the session, either having 6 x 1/2 hour slots of extending to 45 minutes or 1 hour, the series totalling 3 hours all in all.

    These sessions take place in person at SW14

    Justine xxx



    Such a beautiful session Justine, thank you!  I felt so safe and held in your energy, and the feedback you gave me was spot on.  Thank you for your care and healing, you are really gifted!

    Alexandria Vallely


    I have seen Justine for 4 healing sessions. I have found her to be calm and containing. There has also been a  sense of being held that has been extremely important for me. The process of the sessions has been different from anything I have experienced and had no idea I needed, although something brought me to her. She has helped me take ownership of my self-practice, incorporating into my day and week a sense of inner peace and space. I have felt an ability to create, within a hectic and at times traumatic world I have lived, contentment and solitude that feels enlightening and attainable.

    Sarah, Counsellor

    what kind of healing might i receive and how does a session work

    When in person, healing sessions take place in my sacred healing space which is set amongst nature in my garden.  Apart from the consultation when we are seated, most healing takes place upon the couch, occasionally on floor futons.  You will remain fully clothed at all times and only asked to remove footwear, large pendants, belts, crystals, so it is recommended you wear loose soft clothing for your experience. Otherwise sessions will be on Zoom.

    During my years of training and experience of working with people for over 25 years I have been lucky to embark on many amazing trainings with wonderful teachers.  I bring to my sessions the techniques that I really resonate with, that I have a personal history with and know exactly how effective they are.

    I look forward to meeting you.

    Justine x




    What is stopping you stepping in to that space of feeling better?  Send me your details and I will schedule a call for us to work out your most aligned programme to start you on your empowered journey of wellness.  Please include your phone number.

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