Tailored to your lifestyle

Space is being held for you.

Space for you to heal your spirit, calm your body and finally align your heart with your reality. Because stepping into a happier and healthier version of you requires some breathing room!


Why should you come to see me?


This space looks different for everyone: Turning internal chaos into inner peace is an utterly personal journey. I’ve created each and every one of my offerings with this in mind, allowing you to tap into my years of experience, in a way that feels good for you.





1:1 Healing Programmes

Completely personalised to your journey, my healing programmes are the ultimate way to build a healthy relationship with your “self”. Each tailored session harnesses ancient, energy-shifting techniques including crystals, sound, meditation, breathwork, yoga nidra and more. Based on my years of spiritual experience, these carefully curated programmes shine a light that will bring you out from the pain and confusion, so that you can begin to deeply know your power.

Moon circle membership

An ancient practice, bought into the modern world. My membership allows you to join a community of like-minded souls, for fortnightly healing circles that incorporate yoga nidra and alchemy sounds facilitated by me. Tap into the power of group energy and the rhythms of nature around us, for truly transformational healing.



Wellness Workshops and Courses

Carefully chosen to supplement your healing journey, my one-off courses and workshops allow you to tap into my years of experience in the realms of spirituality. Connect with me online and off, to gain the tools you need to step into a space of self-empowerment and peace.

Bespoke Spirit Writing

The perfect opportunity to focus on the bigger picture. Born from a form of esoteric writing, you will receive a channelled angelic message to guide you on your path to true wellbeing. These bespoke spirit writings will open your mind to deeper self-knowing, as you meditate with their beautiful words.

Bespoke Yoga Nidra and Healing

Embrace healing and ease into long-term wellness, with a fully bespoke yoga nidra experience. Based on your personal needs and desires, I will curate a healing script which speaks to your soul and uses the power of sound alchemy. Enjoy the transformative effects of the session live and receive a recording of the script to be used as you step further forward in your healing journey.

Sound Alchemy Healing Sessions

At my lowest, suffering with chronic pain and living through periods of isolation, sound is one of the healing tools that saved me. In these personalised sessions, I extend this comfort to you, making space for you to learn about your true self and feel pain wash away.

Working with me is just the beginning!


Spiritual keepsakes can act as a powerful reminder of your journey, keeping you on a path towards ultimate wellbeing. On top of my programmes and 1:1 offerings, I craft and curate must-haves for your transformation into your best self.




Made by hand especially for you, a one-off piece, aligned to support your wellness in life.  See below:



These malas have already been made and awaiting their soul keeper, mostly one-off pieces.  See below:



Browse crystals, books and ritual tools in my shop below


Such a beautiful session Justine, thank you!  I felt so safe and held in your energy, and the feedback you gave me was spot on.  Thank you for your care and healing, you are really gifted!
Alexandria Vallely


I have seen Justine for 4 healing sessions. I have found her to be calm and containing. There has also been a  sense of being held that has been extremely important for me. The process of the sessions has been different from anything I have experienced and had no idea I needed, although something brought me to her. She has helped me take ownership of my self-practice, incorporating into my day and week a sense of inner peace and space. I have felt an ability to create, within a hectic and at times traumatic world I have lived, contentment and solitude that feels enlightening and attainable.
Sarah, Counsellor


What is stopping you stepping in to that space of feeling better?  Send me your details and I will schedule a call for us to work out your most aligned programme to start you on your empowered journey of wellness.  Please include your phone number.

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