Custom Order, Wrap Mala With Love & Healing

Moving Peacefully Into Love And All That That Holds With Spiritual Awareness Elephant Symbology/Spirit Animal Elephants have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world and are considered a symbol of good luck, power, success wisdom and experience. Because elephants are highly social animals, they are also considered to be a symbol of loyalty, companionship and unity. Lotus Symbology In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purity of the […]Read More

Amethyst, Agate & Morganite Mala – AVAILABLE

Communicate With Love Mala

Communicate With Love Mala – AVAILABLE To sum this mala up, there is a sense of balance, coupled with gentle love, it is practical at the same time, helping to balance the aura, heal, help with sleep, tap into your psychic self and eliminate negativity.  What a little cracker of healing! As I always say […]Read More

Sri Yantra Black Agate & Onyx Mala – Available

Connecting Above & Below In Stillness Surrounded By Protection Available To Purchase I knew there was a reason that these two were waiting until now to be seen. We are in such uncertain times, surrounded by fear, wanting to connect as humans in person but unable to, having to remain indoors, out of routine, relying […]Read More

Custom Moonstone Mala With Kyanite, Topaz, Agate, Coral and Blue Goldstone

Custom Moonstone Mala With Kyanite, Topaz, Coral and Blue Goldstone

New Beginnings It appears that this mala waiting for this September Full Moon to completely finish, it’s odd because she was designed and ready to knot, but there was something that kept preventing me from finishing her much earlier. She has a real sense of determination, knowing what she wants, very specific, very much moving […]Read More