Buddha Amulet 108 Mala With Rosewood & Serpentine

Buddha Amulet 108 Mala With Rosewood & Serpentine

Healing Calm Waters There is something ever so calming about this mala,you want to run it over your palm and each bead that passes over gives a sense of tranquility.  Because of the mix with rosewood it is also pretty lightweight, making it a perfect travel companion. The crystals that called to be with this […]

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Prasiolite 108 Mala, Clearing The Way For Love

Prasiolite 108 Mala, Clearing The Way For Love

Love For The Self, Love For Others A dainty little number, one that is lightweight enough to almost become weightless upon the neck, just giving subtle reminders throughout the day for self love, calm and easing away negative emotions in equal measure. The crystals that came to play with this piece are: Prasiolite Pendant Piece […]

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Handknotted Silk, Glass & Seed Bead Mala, Solar Plexus & 3rd Eye

Activate Your Senses The colours and pieces jumped out at me and called to be seamlessly hand knotted with a royal silk blue thread. If you don’t know what a mala is please scroll below for more information, this is a full 108 bead mala with a gold bead at the end called the Guru Bead, […]

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Full Blue Moon In Libra, Saturday 31st March

Full Blue Moon In Libra

What Will The Full Blue Moon Bring Out In Us? I’ve been looking forward to this Full Moon, my star sign is Libra and this is the second Full Moon this month having not had one in February. Generally, this is a good time for balance, be it personally or for those around you. This […]

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