New Moon Solar Eclipse 2nd/3rd July 2019 & Crystals To Connect With

New Moon Solar Eclipse 2nd/3rd July 2019

Riches and Honor   The New Moon on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at 10° Cancer is a total solar eclipse. Solar Eclipse Meaning A solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. […]Read More

Ideas For Father’s Day

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Are You Sorted For Father’s Day? If you are anything like me I know I get stuck for ideas on Father’s Day.  Being a Holistic Therapist and Healer it always feels a little cheapskate to be offering my family members a treatment this but one has to remember it is the thought that counts.  I […]Read More

Complimentary Visualisation Meditation, Cleanse & Clear

Time For You! Meditation, Mindfulness and Me-Time, I call the 3 m’s are an important part of everyday life, or at least that is an ideal!  When I first suffered from my chronic pain I found that these three things when practised regularly and this can be in small bite-sized chunks, has the ability to […]Read More