Love Wrap Malas

Love Wrap Malas

Feel The Love Why not wrap a little or a lot of love around your wrist?  Who doesn’t want to feel some extra love? These malas are on stretch elastic as opposed to the usual knotted ones that I do.  The idea being that you can firstly twist them around your arm, they look like […]Read More

Acai 108 Boho Mala, Amazing Travel Companion

Acai 108 Boho Mala

Youth, Beauty & Good Health Handmade in London, all as uniquely different as you are, no two the same! Acai seeds are related to youth and beauty, the Amazonian Indians believe the person who uses this seed will be forever young and healthy. Acai is one of the most diversely sustainable fruits in the world, […]Read More

Merlinite Mala With Opalite, Smoky Quartz, Hematite & Ice Blue Agate

Merlinite 108 Mala With Opalite, Smokey Quartz, Hematite and Ice Blue Agate

Magickal Wolf Mala I was drawn to the wolf with this mala, the Spirit Animal of the Wolf depicting strength, courage, freedom and wisdom.  It really is rather a special mala if I say so myself, a dream to look at I can just feel it’s uplifting energy as it sits beside me waiting for […]Read More