Unicorn Bracelets, A Little Bit Of Magick

Unicorn Bracelets, A Little Bit Of Magick

🌟🦄Limited Edition Unicorn Bracelets, A Little Bit Of Magick 🦄🌟 I seem to have had Unicorns following me around everywhere the last few weeks, ok I’m not going mad and I don’t mean literally live ones, but statues, pictures, here and there various artefacts resembling unicorns. I feel blessed to have this little bit of Magick […]

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Merlinite Mala Of Magick

Merlinite Mala Of Magick

A Power House Of Magick I feel slightly, well more than slightly in awe at the energy of this mala as I made it. The description and amount of words to describe the crystals held within this piece indicate it’s powerful presence in itself. I have a feeling this mala has already chosen it’s owner, […]

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Full Blue Moon In Libra Ritual


Full Moon Ritual For March If you want to find out all about what this Full Blue Moon in Libra brings for us, please take a look at my prior post here: FULL BLUE MOON IN LIBRA, SATURDAY 31ST MARCH As mentioned we have the opposites of Libra and Aries in this full moon and not […]

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