New Moon Ritual For 15-24th February

New Moon February Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

A Little Ritual To Move Us In To Our Next Phase As mentioned in my prior post, this New Moon is still about sewing seeds, but also thinking about the bigger picture, our role in it and how our love for yourself, the space we hold, how it affects others, so it’s thinking wide, to […]Read More

Maitri Range ~ Heart Chakra Bracelets

Maitri Range, Heart Chakra Bracelets

💗Love Is In The Air 💗 😍It’s nearly tic toc time for Valentines and with this, we are always thinking what we might buy someone else.😍 However, I am a total advocate of some self-love. I work on the premise of how can I give if I have not. I don’t mean this in physical tangible […]Read More

To Cacao Or Not?

My Cacao Journey Some of you might have read my Walk The Talk With The Moon post, which included within my adventure my very first personal Cacao ceremony, you can catch it here if you didn’t read it:  Walk The Talk With The Moon It was the Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Blue Moon the other […]Read More