Buddha Rustica Heartfelt Mala – Custom Piece

Buddha Rustica Heartfelt Mala

Heart Chakra Mala With Jade, Cuprite, Rhodonite & Amazonite I always love what I make, that isn’t self-indulgent as I consider that Spirit works through me, so in a way, I don’t really take the credit, but always get excited at the end result and feel a heartfelt connection as a little bit of me […]

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Mini Maitri Bracelets, Youthful Choices

Mini Maitri Bracelets, Youthful Choices

Children Love Crystals Too! I am so thrilled to say that I have some very discerning young clients, when I say young, I mean under 10.  It is so exciting for me to experience children enjoying crystals so much and the particular children I am thinking about, right now, who ordered these bracelets are on […]

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Full Moon Rituals

A Few Rituals For the Full Moon If you didn’t read my post on what this full moon has in store for you, you can find it here:  Full Moon In Virgo, Worm Moon, Healing I gathered a couple of rituals that one can do not only for this full moon, but that can easily be […]

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Hummingbird Spirit Animal Mala ~ Custom Commission

Hummingbird Spirit Animal Mala

Hummingbird, Find The Beauty In Each Day This mala has really been a long time coming, yet it wasn’t ready when I first got her, first she had to find her Spirit Guardian, then when that was done, she had to wait, to make sure, really sure that she would call in to play the […]

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