Merlinite Mala With Opalite, Smoky Quartz, Hematite & Ice Blue Agate

Merlinite 108 Mala With Opalite, Smokey Quartz, Hematite and Ice Blue Agate

Magickal Wolf Mala I was drawn to the wolf with this mala, the Spirit Animal of the Wolf depicting strength, courage, freedom and wisdom.  It really is rather a special mala if I say so myself, a dream to look at I can just feel it’s uplifting energy as it sits beside me waiting for […]Read More

Beautiful Chunky Lotus Bracelets With Morganite & Either Clear Quartz, Amethyst or Topaz

Lotus Charm Bracelets With Morganite

Dreamy Moments I just love these bracelets, made with chunky 10mm morganite which team down to a delicate lotus made in silver, one either housing an amethyst, topaz or clear quartz crystal inside. A real statement piece yet demure at the same time. Only 3 available!!!! Morganite Morganite with its clear, peach-pink innocence embodies the […]Read More

Raw Smokey Quartz Mala With Black Onyx

Raw Smoky Quartz With Onyx Mala

Unwavering Calm I get words and feelings with this wowzer mala of ‘the calm within the storm’ .  The sense of an abundant protective shell, that sets a calm still space even with a tonne of s….t is going on around.  I don’t usually use those kinds of expressions, but there is a strong will […]Read More

Labradorite Lotus Choker With Rhodochrosite

Labradorite Lotus Choker With Rhodochrosite

Love Is Pure This is a slightly different design for me, that being that it is a choker rather than a mala, having a magnetic clasp at the back, it’s lightweight, drawing down the eye of the beautiful pink rhodochrosite to the delicate lotus that houses flashy labradorite. It makes the perfect companion for your […]Read More