What’s All This Serum About?

glowing skin

To Serum Or Not? Basically, the answer is always to serum.  Why is that?  Serums are devised to penetrate deeper due to the finer molecular structure of the product, allowing the special components to work their magic on a far deeper level, hydrating, anti ageing, repairing, re-hydrating, soothing and so forth.  Moisturisers are there mainly […]Read More

The Benefits Of Using Aromatherapy Blended Products

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Essential Oils? ~ The Benefits Of Using Aromatherapy Oil Based Products ~ An important element of aromatherapy is synergy, which is the combination of numerous essential oils that can actually create a more powerful effect than the oils would have on their own. This is why blending essential oils […]Read More

The Winners Are?

And the winner is

The Winners Will Be Announced Today! Keep a little eye out over at the Holistic Healing Hub Page because the winner for both the Stocking Filler No 3, Win A FREE Bee Lovely Mini Reflexology & Grounding Foot Therapy Worth £25, Competition Time and Stocking Filler No 4, Win A Beautiful FREE Spirit Quartz, Competition Time, […]Read More

Gift Vouchers Now Available

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Make Gift Giving Easy The fantastic news is that Gift vouchers are now available from the Holistic Healing Hub. These can be bought for any amount if you are not sure what someone would like and if the amount doesn’t quite meet the amount spent, then they can top it up. Or you can specify […]Read More