Welcome to the Yoga Nidra Healing Circle where like-minded souls gather together within a sacred space facilitated by Justine Nagaur, founder of Aurora Facets Transformational Healing and creator of bespoke prayer malas.

Within this cherished circle, you will be held in a safe space that embodies deep connected healing for all present amplified by the foundation of being within the energy of the collective.

The core of each weekly experience comprises a warm welcome, the option to share with each other in a non-judgemental safe space.  We will then energetically connect the circle of all present with a beautiful meditation followed by deep restorative relaxation of the deep liminal space of Yoga Nidra with Alchemy Sounds where profound healing can occur and different states of consciousness.

Each week is curated to align with the energy of what we are experiencing around us at the time for example the seasons or the Moon cycles, it is a journey of ever-unfolding beautiful discovery.

This circle is open to everyone of all genders over the age of 18 or over.