Aurora Facets Annual Moon Circle


It’s so wonderful to see you here!

Your intuition led you to this space, that is the first step!

You have landed at the start of your journey to create conscious connections with the moon, to deepen your intuition, to join a community of like-minded people, to embrace deep healing both through collective energy and your own ever-increasing ability to self-heal through the knowledge you will gain within this moon membership.

In this space, you will receive deep profound relaxation, a time to reset and de-clutter the mind, freeing up space to leave you refreshed, better focus, clarity, decision making, creativity.  The space where you move into a better mind, body, spirit connection, deepening your relationship with all these facets of your ‘self’.  Creating a fine-tuned ability to ‘feel’ what your energy and physical body is telling you, linked to the external energies around you, so that you can move through life ‘in flow’ rather than against the tide.