Hand-Picked Specialists

It’s a joy for me to be able to share the work of other incredible therapists/brands/small business.  Below you will find some of my tried and tested favourites. 

Hello! I’m Caz Hitchcock

Movement Coach
Caz is an anatomy & biomechanics expert specialising in fixing faulty movement patterns to alleviate chronic joint pain. 
Her own personal journey paired with her extensive knowledge inspired her to create a unique modality called The Gravity Technique. 
For many years Caz was a Yoga teacher, but was also frustrated with the level of knowledge she had at the time to help her clients with various injuries they’d come to her with. She embarked on a 10 year journey to dissect (literally) the body and learn about the fascinating world of FASCIA and anatomy in motion. 
She now teaches and coaches her fellow yoga & movement professionals (but also anyone keen to learn) to up-level their skills and help their clients (or themselves) on a whole new level.

Hello! I’m Pieta Mc Crum

Intuitive Health & Wellbeing Guide
Pieta Mc Crum, founder of wellness hub www.bypieta.com and creator of the  BODYHIIT Challenge. Pieta is an intuitive health & well-being guide helping busy women achieve excellence through holistic nutritional re-balancing, mindful training to suit hormones and positive mindset mastery. With good nutrition solutions at the forefront, Pieta coaches her clients through a cellular-wellness nutrition system ( formulated on Ayurvedic principals ) that cleanses, nourishes and balances cortisol. Making at-home and on-the-go health excellence simple, easy and convenient. And as a busy entrepreneur and mother of 2 young boys, Pieta knows how to maximize results in a short amount of time. Her passion for metabolic conditioning and HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) ensures her clients see results in their strength, muscle tone, stamina and mobility. Fun, challenging and energising. BODYHIIT 6 week challenges ( LIVE and recorded real-time workouts ), nutrition guidance and personal accountability are available all online.. via www.facebook.com/groups/bodyhiit
Pieta’s mission is to help more busy women find their healthy balance, not perfection. The next 6 week online fitness challenge is set for January 3rd and will have you feeling leaner, stronger, energised and confident for 2022. Aurora Facets is giving you a chance to get in early. Join the BODYHIIT movement with your exclusive discount code [ BODYHIIT15%OFF ], all details and how to book are here!

Hello! I’m Emily Lynam

Curator of high-end vegan, cruelty-free candles & wellbeing products
Emily Lynam started out as a home accessories and beauty buying manager for top retailers. After travelling the world developing products, she decided it was time to launch her own new venture. Emily formed the idea for Yougi when in India doing yoga training. Yougi brings the beauty of fragrance and ritual to every moment at home.
Yet she kept finding herself settling for candles that were made out of synthetic fragrance, paraffin and were too expensive to light every day.

So she spent a year testing hundreds of fragrances, mixing waxes, experimenting with wicks to create the kind of candles she had been searching for.

Emily is proud to say the products are cruelty-free, vegan, ethically sourced, eco-friendly and 100% natural.

Our range includes candles, essential oils, and kits. Everything you need for a soothing ritual at home.


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