Stunning Quartz Cluster


Stunning Quartz Cluster

Quartz is the ‘Master Healer’ and harmonises all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.

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Stunning Quartz Cluster

Keywords for quartz:  enhancing psychic abilities, Master Healer, aids concentration, unlocks memory, protection, said to stimulate the immune system, help with pain relief, balance, harmonising the chakras, aligning the subtle bodies, amplification of energy or intention, soothes nerves.

With this in mind, there is such a huge range of possibilities with this crystal it really is you first 'go-to' that you should have.  Works like a dream for manifesting, just imagine?

Origin:  Brazil

Approx 8 cms L  5 cms W 4cms (at highest points)

Enjoy, Justine xx


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