High Vibrational Apophyllite


High Vibrational Apophyllite

A simply stunning piece of Apophyllite, the light bouncing off each piece is spellbinding.  A must-have for calming an anxious mind during times of stress amongst other things.

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High Vibrational Apophyllite

This beautiful cluster bounces the light off at every opportunity giving one a magical glimpse of the properties that this wonderful crystal holds.

A must have for many reasons, but some being to calm an anxious mind, especially prevalent.  It also helps to absorb negative thought patterns and being more productive in dealing with issues.  When feeling stressed and anxious, always try apophyllite first, sit or lie with it in your hands for 20 minutes and allow it to take your worries away, giving a sense of sharing.

It also permeates in to the heart chakra, lightening the energy here, bringing you back to alignment with Earth amongst many other beautiful attributes that it holds.

Approx dimensions:

L 7 cms x 4.5 cms W x 4 cms H (taken at max points)

Enjoy, Justine xx


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