Fossilised Wood or Petrified Wood, Grounding and Root Chakra



Fossilised wood slices are approx 4.5 cms x 3.5 cms depending on which piece, price is per piece and is picked at random.

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This stone helps with mental longevity. It has the ability to soothe emotions, generate calm, and dispel stress. When a Petrified Wood is near, all your fears will simply disappear. Petrified Wood is a very healing and grounding stone that fills you with feelings of security.

Root chakra, very grounding, keeping you anchored to the earth and as such thereby helps also with manifesting.

It was once an ancient, living, breathing tree that has fossilized over thousands of years. If you live in the city, keep Petrified Wood nearby to have the vibration of nature close by.

Blessings, Justine xxx


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