Divine Ametrine Points, Spiritual Growth and Awareness


Divine Ametrine Points, Spiritual Growth and Awareness

I just love ametrine, a combo of citrine and amethyst, pulling such an eclectic array of healing into one tiny yet beautiful bundle!

Take a peek below…

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Divine Ametrine Points, Spiritual Growth and Awareness

Ametrine calms the mind by clearing stress and tension from the head.  Balances and soothes emotions and relieves depression.  Ametrine overcomes prejudice by enhancing compatibility and acceptance of others.  It stimulates creativity and supports taking control of one’s own life.  Strengthens concentration, bringing clarity, and harmonising perception and action.  Ametrine instigates change and eases the transition.

Ametrine also blends masculine and feminine energy – the masculine energy of citrine, and the feminine energy of amethyst.
Because of this, it is a very beneficial stone for sexuality, where a balance of masculine and feminine energies is important, remember though masculine and feminine,  is not the same as male and female.

Keywords: stress relief, creativity, spiritual growth and awareness, healing of mind, body and soul, balance, strength and alignment.

This listing is for one ametrine point.  All are of equal beauty and show this through each one is totally unique.  They vary in height, width and depth.  They also vary in colour and are picked at random when purchased.  I am very happy to channel which one is calling for you, please just press purchase and leave me a note.

The height varies anything from 3.5 - 4.5 cms H x 1.5 - 2 cms W

Blessings Justine xxx


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