Bespoke and Custom Malas (Deposit)


A deposit of £80 is required for your bespoke, hand-made mala.


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Congratulations, your mala is about to be born!

It’s happening!

The process has started and I am so excited to now sit in the space of receiving the energetic blueprint of your bespoke mala.  What a beautiful yet powerful healing tool these ‘beings’ make and the connection that you make with it is so utterly unique, as unique as you are.  I am excited to see what comes through.

I will touch base with you all the way through.

Justine Nagaur


What we do

Handmade Spirit Beings Made With Love

The beautiful process of energetically ‘birthing’ your mala will now begin.  Know that when it drops into this state it comes at the right time, not only for the mala but for the relationship that you will develop with it.

It is a powerful time now to sit and reflect on what you wish for the future, both in and around you as you prepare yourself for this relationship to come.



What to expect

How It Works



I am contactable during working hours if you wish to have updates.  I will contact you as soon as the ‘mala’ drops and then onwards should you wish once designs have been made.

Once the design is made, your deposit will be deducted from your final price which will be sent over to you for payment.

Once complete

Once your bespoke mala is finished, I will take photographs and write up a piece about it, which will be published only once you have received your mala.  This will give you a full ‘insight’ into its energetic blueprint.  However, the relationship you develop with your “Spirit Mala” is unique to you.


Attuning your mala

Once you have received your bespoke mala, you will be invited to The Mala Goddess on Instagram, where I will schedule in a group for an attunement session, which covers mala basics and a lovely ritual to ‘connect’ with your mala.  This will either be group or 1:1 depending on how many people are due to receive one.


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Need some advice?

Do you need some help setting up your space, be it professionally or at home to be in alignment?  

I can help you with this.  Just use the contact section and we can then schedule a booking to discuss your needs and put an action plan in place.