Beautiful Peach Stilbite


Beautiful Peach Stilbite

Bring some inner peace, expanded awareness and spiritual connection into your life.


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Beautiful Peach Stilbite

Approx 5 cms L x 2.5 H cms at the highest point.

I could look at this piece for ages, it has so many beautiful formations for its size and so clearly formed it's a joy to view.

Stilbite is associated predominantly with the heart chakra, third eye and crown.  A high vibrational crystal, yet its energy is soft, gentle and loving.  It gently opens the heart chakra bringing the vibration of love inwards, giving a sense of peace, healing and inner calm.

Stilbite cleanses the third eye and crown chakras so that one may be mentally focussed and able to concentrate and organize one’s thoughts and to then act on them for one’s highest good.

In meditation, this beautiful calming helps one to expand one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions to unite all aspects of one’s self.

Justine x


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