A Selection Of Bespoke Intuitive Malas

Purification Mala With Lotus Seeds, Turquoise, Cuprite, Red Rosewood & Tibetan Amulet

One of my passions is designing Intuitive Prayer Malas for people.  When this happens it’s a process that involves me channelling in to the person’s energy with a little help from Spirit Guides if needed to intuitively choose the right crystals for the person the bespoke piece is for.

The piece is then drafted but not knotted as I send draft photos of the proposed piece to their prospective new home, it’s discussed and the next process is to hand knot the mala.  During this process I also intuitively gain a mantra to bless the piece with.

It is a lovely process, working synergy between the customer, myself and the Divine to give a very personal spirit based piece to a loving home.

Here are some examples of pieces already commissioned.