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Handmade Jewellery Made With Love

Why not treat yourself to a bespoke mala, or prayer beads as they are sometimes known.  A powerful spiritual healing tool that not only works with intentions, manifestations and as a wellbeing support but looks amazing too.  These are keepsakes, not fashion items.

I also open up spaces, time allowing for bracelet and necklace commissions too.

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Exclusive COllection

Custom Made Malas, Prayer Beads
Gallery Of Claimed Malas

Handmade & Curated

Rutilated Quartz Points

Ethically Sourced Crystals

I hand-pick all my crystals from suppliers that I have been blessed to know for a long time, who been in the trade for many years. 

They have a passion for crystallography, petrology, mineralogy, gemology, and the care given to our planet and the people who do the mining. 

Many of my contacts come from a healing background originally and I myself now have over four years of training as a practising therapist and teacher, it is a constant journey but a marvellous one.


Malas, Prayer Beads

I can’t really say enough about malas in a mere paragraph.  However, what I can tell you is that my malas are all channelled, handmade with love and devotion.  There are unique pieces, only one in the world and some collections.  

I believe the ones I  make without prior commissions were already claimed, they are just waiting for the physical person to come along and unite with them.

They not only look beautiful but are powerful spiritual healing tools.  I have a passion for crystals, stones and wellness and here I get to combine them together.

After you buy one of my hand-made malas you are invited to attend one of my courtesy zoom mala activation sessions where you get to know all about malas and how best to use them and we embrace a 108 round of mantra chanting.

Sage Smudging Bulbs

Powerful Spiritual Tools & Kits

It is a strong belief of mine that everyone could do with having a morning ritual, or practice in their own private sacred space.

As a healer I see time and time again clients who are frazzled, are unaware of their energy imbalances, unaware of what their bodies are trying to tell them.

By having a home practice in place creates a good habit of setting time aside to re-charge and restore.  I provide 1:1 sessions on how best to put this in to place and my kits have been put together to create an easy transition in to this.



Here you will find a curated selection and or lovingly handmade keepsakes just waiting to become arm, ear or neck candy.

There are beautiful crystals, stones, symbology, charms, talismans and much more with a sprinkling of healing energy.

Hand Wrapped Larimar Pendant


Hold the exquisite beauty of each crystal held delicately within silver or gold to accentuate it’s beauty, allowing you to wear it as a focal piece, harnessing the energy in sole purpose to work with you and not only look beautiful of course.

Pendants are supplied without chains, as so many people have plenty of their own with varying likes of lengths and style.

Persian Dancing Turquoise Coin Necklace 1970's


I am a complete lover of vintage.  Everything tells a story both in the detail and the history behind the piece.  If not known one can feel it’s energy and transport ourselves into a time lost but not forgotten.

I have a small curated selection of pieces to time travel with.

Curated Gems

About me

I have always been a bit of magpie, a collector of curiosities, a seeker of beauty integrated with the bountiful gifts of Mother Earth and her healing properties.

Here I get to combine all my passions and embrace the gift of being able to give back, to you in the form of beautiful handcrafted items and a selection of curated gifts.

I bring you items that have been a part of my journey, malas that helped to find balance when suffering from a long term illness, crystals that have been an integral part of my life and vintage yearnings from my childhood.

Justine Nagaur


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