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Welcome, you are at this page because you have taken responsibility for your healing, immersed yourself into a deep dive with me through one of my programmes and are now at the stage of maintaining all this amazing progress and keeping your energy body and therefore your mind, body and Spirit in tip top condition.

I always say that we think about our physical bodies, regularly maintaining them through the gym or various exercises, or popping to the Spa or salon for a facial of massage, but our energy body is just as important but often neglected, so congratulations to you for recognising this.

With this in mind I have devised 3 programmes to keep the ball rolling over a 3 month period which you can repeat as often as you wish.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Please pop to the bottom to read the specifics relating to these offerings.



    Justine Nagaur


    These programmes are designed to be on a roll over of ‘approximately’ 3 months and can be upgraded or downgraded upon the completion of each one to suit your needs. 

    Full programme specifications are at the bottom of the page.

    Diamond Programme

    Healing & Mentoring Maintenance 

    This programme is designed to give you continuity and peace of mind by regularly checking-in with your energy body through ‘couch healing’ and also keeping on top of your mind, body, spirit connection with the added benefit of ‘check-in’ sessions.  This then gives you the opportunity to ask questions, go through any issues that might be bothering you or continue to advance in your learning of your own Spiritual journey and techniques you might like to use within this to then practice at home.


    • 3 x couch healing sessions of 1.5 hrs
    • 3 x 30 min check ins
    • = £600 up front or 3 x payments of £220 on the 1st of each month
    • This would mean that ‘approximately’ every two weeks you would have either a healing or a ‘check-in’ session

    Sapphire Programme

    Healing  Maintenance 

    This programme is a minimised version of the Diamond.  Retaining the continuity of energy healing but without the bolster of regular in-between check-ins.  Suitable if you feel you are on top of your own home practice or if you feel that for now you need no additional help with this.  You can of course change to a different programme to upgrade/downgrade.


    • 3 x couch healing sessions of 1.5 hrs
    • £450 or £165 x 3 paid on the 1st of each month

    Emerald Programme

    Mentoring Maintenance

    This programme is designed to keep you topped up with regular Spiritual Mentoring to address current issues.

    • 6 x 30 minute check-ins online
    • £300 or £110 on the 1st of each month


    Programme Information

    These offerings are only offered to those who have completed a prior programme with me and therefore are not ‘visible’ through logging onto my website, you have been given a special link, please do not share this.

    • ‘Check-in’ sessions will only be online.
    • Couch healing sessions will be in person if you are able to come to SW London or online.
    • The ideal time span to complete this is 3 months, however I am flexible to extend this to 4 months should you need some extra time.
    • Your portal will remain open in all these programmes.
    • Signing up to any of these programmes is signing up to the required 3 payments or payment in full up front.
    • These programmes are valid to start within two months from the end of your prior course to maintain continuity, after this time, please arrange a consultation to discuss other options.
    • You will be required to fill in new ‘Client Consultation Form’ at the start of any of these programmes.
    • The usual cancellation policies apply.
    I look forward to continuing this beautiful journey with you, Justine Nagaur


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