Bespoke Buddha Red Silk Bracelet

Bespoke Buddha Red Silk Bracelet

Abundance & Vitality With Garnet, Amazonite, Buddha And Red Silk I was super happy to get a request for some custom bracelets from a total ‘Crystal Queen’ and Spiritual Healer, the excitement really set in with anticipation wondering what might come through for this lovely lady. I had in my mind what I ‘thought’ might […]

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Buddha Rustica Heartfelt Mala – Custom Piece

Buddha Rustica Heartfelt Mala

Heart Chakra Mala With Jade, Cuprite, Rhodonite & Amazonite I always love what I make, that isn’t self-indulgent as I consider that Spirit works through me, so in a way, I don’t really take the credit, but always get excited at the end result and feel a heartfelt connection as a little bit of me […]

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Sai Baba Rose Quartz Heart Locket Bracelet

Sai Baba Rose Quartz Heart Locket Bracelet

A Bracelet Infused With Love I love a challenge, but more so it was a joy and humbling to be asked to make a bracelet incorporating an image of a Guru that one of my friends loves and cherishes with all her heart. Just hearing her talk about him you can feel the passion, belief and […]

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Chalice Mala, Divine Feminine

Chalice Mala, Divine Feminine

Twin Malas, Celebrating All That Is Female I rarely  make two malas the same or quite the same as these two were, and I had some romantic notion as to why that would come about, my mind thinking “there must be twins out there needing this, or a mother/daughter relationship, or soul mates, something, but […]

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