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Do you find that there are repeating patterns of behaviours/triggers/feelings in your life that you cannot explain?  For example are you unable to let go of control?  Do you find that certain situations trigger you and upon reflection, you have no idea why you reacted the way you did?  Perhaps you had trauma in your past or relationships with someone that you cannot let go of, or perhaps they can’t let go of, or re-occurring fears of what has been.

So often in life, we are being held back, experiencing both physical and emotional symptoms from aspects within ourselves that need healing, yet we push on feeling confused, frustrated and often lethargic or in pain.

These are just snippets of what healing can help with.

We take this journey together as I hold space for you and through various healing modalities such as conversation/sharing, hands-on healing, different ancient healing tools, such as crystals and sound you will find that your body, mind and Spirit begin to have the space to open up to what is causing these feelings of misalignment or discourse so that we together can work on them until you find a point of balance and empowerment in your own wellness journey.

You may also use this pair of healing sessions to have a curated Yoga Nidra just for yourself or to enjoy a 1:1 in person sound bath and healing, there are many options.

There are two offers, one for traditional curated alchemic healing 1:1 and the second to join my year long ‘Moon Circle’ (please scroll to the bottom for the latter)

If you wish for more details please pop to my website


BODYHIIT Members Offer

See below for offer No 1

Course of 2 Transformational Healings

Online or in-person

£200 per session

= £400

BODYHIIT Price £300

Both sessions to be completed in a four week period.


Offer Availability

Until March 1st 2022, all courses must be completed by then in order not to be forfeited.

One course is available per BODYHIIT member.



Booking Procedure

Please fill out the contact form, so we can arrange a free discovery call to check we are a good match for your needs.  After which booking slots will be opened up and payment in full is due upon booking confirmation.

Please quote PIETA in the contact form.


Availability & Location

This service is available either online or in person within my curated wellness space nestled amongst nature, completely private and welcoming.  The latter is located in SW14, address is given upon booking.  Availability is throughout the week, recommended to book with two weeks notice or all in advance.

In Between Sessions

You will get your own personal private page in which all recommendations that I have given will be recorded for your perusal at leisure and will remain in place for the duration of the course.  This information may include links, videos, written material and voice notes all related to your personal healing journey.


I operate a 48 hr cancellation policy.  In order not to forfeit your session please ensure you regard this policy if you need to reschedule or cancel for any reason.

If you are showing signs of a contagious illness in any way I would require the appointment to be rescheduled.


Please send me your full name, preferable email and telephone contact, I will be in touch with you to arrange an energy call with a view to scheduling your three sessions.

3 + 10 =


What Is Transformational Healing

Transformational Healing is to facilitate deep healing for people in a place of trauma, pain and energetic inertia and blocks that are holding you back.

How else will it help?

You will feel confident to explore both the dark and light aspects of yourself to find a point of balance.

How will you do this?

My sessions are either online or in person in SW14, London.  Our time will be spent with a mixture of hands on healing using various Alchemic healing techniques bespoke to your needs at the time, which could include for example crystal work, sound or good old fashioned palm healing.  At all times you will remain clothed & comfortable on the couch or your own sacred space at home if online.  There will also be a mix of listening, sharing, exploring, guidance and discovery as you are ‘held’ in safe space.

How will this help me?

It will help you become deeply connected with your needs as a whole, your intuition and learning from the spaces within that might be uncomfortable.

What practical benefits might I gain?

You will feel better able equipped to deal with any situations or people that might have thrown you out of balance.  You will have a better understanding of yourself and what actions to put into place when feeling out of kilter.  Creativity and focus will become easier as you find new ways to balance your energy levels and set boundries.  Your direction in life becomes clearer as you unblock old negative habits and embrace positive energy, thoughts and mindsets to take their place.  There are many more possibilities.

I’ve never had healing, but I’m curious?

You are welcome to book a free energy call with me where we can discuss your needs and I can answer any questions to check that we are a good match for your healing to take place.

See below for offer No 2



You are cordially invited to join our year long fab  ‘Moon Circle’.


What exactly is a ‘Moon Circle’

It is a time when a group of lovely people gather online together to enjoy the cycles of the Moon, namely the New and Full Moon.

How will it benefit me?

Firstly there is the benefit of community, connecting with other like minded people.  After a while your body, mind and Spirit immediately tap into the session from familiarity and your sense of relaxation and softening into a deeply restorative state becomes very swift.  Many people have experienced profound rest and sublime sleep after these sessions.  These sessions also give you the opportunity to deepen your intuition, to start to make better connections with ‘how you work’ and how your external environment through the natural cycles that we go through with the seasons and the moon for example, impact on us.  For example one of the sessions energetically might be calling for us to be present in order to move smoothly through this period rather than swimming against the tides which is when we find ourselves at odds with everything we do.  So in this instance the focus will be integrating the essence of imbuing being present throughout the event.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation lying down where you are taken through a set of curated scripts, which I link to the energy of the times to create a profoundly healing environment.  It is where your body goes to sleep yet your mind remains alert and awake, through this it can drop down through the various brainwaves to facilitate healing, de-cluttering of the mind, better mind/body connection, balancing of the emotions and eventually to meet your soul self and have those amazing aha moments.

You will find in the hub portal the Yoga Nidra that I facilitated for the Hub and PIP as an example.


What happens in this circle?

During this time that we gather online, we enjoy the nurturing of a community, seeing familiar faces and sharing our experiences, should we wish.   We enjoy a healing circle through guided meditation, connecting together energetically and then a beautiful curated Yoga Nidra with Alchemy Sounds especially written for each session, tapping into the energy of what is surrounding us through the cycles of the seasons and the moon.  In the year long membership there are also a couple of workshops and surprises also in store.

We meet once a fortnight generally on a Wednesday evening at 9 pm on zoom.

What is the actual content of the membership?

You will have the opportunity to experience 24 healing circles and guided yoga Nidras with alchemy sound.  On top of this you will receive 23 curated Moon Manuals packed full of energetic tips to take you smoothly through that particular cycle, it has tips on mantras, crystals, journal prompts and more.

After each live session you will also be sent access to the recording, so if you want to double down and deep dive which I recommend you get to listen to this for the next two weeks, it also means you never miss a session.

There are also going to be two workshops, one on ‘Crystal Hygiene’ learning how to best look after our crystals and handy tips on how to use them.  The second workshop will be on how to use a Pendulum and divination.  Through this you will find yourself able to tap deeper into you intuition and get quick and easy answers to questions.

I sooo want this how do I jump on board?

Easy click the link below to book.

I am a conduit for positive change

My mission is that you will fly free from pain, fear and uncertainty.

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