Hummingbird Spirit Animal Mala

Hummingbird Spirit Animal Mala ~ Custom Commission

Hummingbird, Find The Beauty In Each Day

This mala has really been a long time coming, yet it wasn’t ready when I first got her, first she had to find her Spirit Guardian, then when that was done, she had to wait, to make sure, really sure that she would call in to play the right crystals, exactly the right ones to work in unison within the relationship that she will now have with her companion.

The Hummingbird represents actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day. The prime message of the hummingbird animal totem is: “The sweetest nectar is within!” Hummingbirds are also a reminder of how we expend our own energy, a reminder to pace and be kind to ourselves.



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Wolf Spirit Animal Mala & Spirit Animals In General

Wolf Spirit Animal Mala & Spirit Animals In General

What Is Your Spirit Animal?

I had been waiting for ages with excitement for this wolf spirit mala to call itself to be made.  It has a whole team of crystals supporting it, such as magnesite, fancy jasper, labradorite, electroplated crystal, electroplated hematite and a little feather charm around the back.  It was certainly worth the wait. ♡

Have you ever wondered what your Spirit Animal might be?

Wolf Spirit Animal Mala & Spirit Animals In General


What About Spirit Animals?

In certain cultures and spiritual systems, there is a belief that we each travel with a cadre of spirit guides, which also includes animals.

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New Moon Ritual For 15-24th February

A Little Ritual To Move Us In To Our Next Phase

New Moon Ritual

As mentioned in my prior post, this New Moon is still about sewing seeds, but also thinking about the bigger picture, our role in it and how our love for yourself, the space we hold, how it affects others, so it’s thinking wide, to our surroundings, thinking about the kind of environment we wish to live in and our love for others.

For me it is my belief that we are all formed from energy, light beings and that everything around us is formed from energy, with this in mind we are all interconnected in some way, so the bigger picture you could say is that perhaps I am you, and you are me and with this brings a deeper understanding, a sense of purer empathy and freedom of love for all no matter what and the passionate desire for our space to be better.

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New Moon February Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

February 15-16th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

What Will This New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Aquarius Bring To Us?

Most of you will have noticed that in January this year we have two full moons! Wow, what a time of letting go and clearing out.  There is no full moon in February however we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse, time for new beginnings.

Whilst we can use this time to think about sewing the seeds, fresh starts and new beginnings, the eclipse is only partial so we won’t feel the bam of the Solar Eclipse back in August 2018.

New Moon February Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Coupled with this is the sign and energy of Aquarius which holds a gentle space which when tuned in to gives us time to think about how our actions, words and behaviour affect those around us.  It is time to think of the bigger picture, to reflect and to tap into the energy we give out not only to others but the Universe and the type of space we wish to live in energetically and our responsibility for this.

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