Amethyst, Agate & Morganite Mala – AVAILABLE

Communicate With Love Mala

Communicate With Love Mala – AVAILABLE To sum this mala up, there is a sense of balance, coupled with gentle love, it is practical at the same time, helping to balance the aura, heal, help with sleep, tap into your psychic self and eliminate negativity.  What a little cracker of healing! As I always say […]Read More

Moonstone Mala with Prehnite, Tourmaline, Peridot & Morganite – AVAILABLE

Moonstone Mala with phrenite & morganite

Heal The Healer Mala – AVAILABLE This mala is so abundant with love and healing, it’s positively oozing out of every bead, just waiting for you tap into its energy field and make the most of everything it has to give.  You will see below the full details, but to sum up in a bite-sized […]Read More

I Had A Melt Down But That’s OK

I Had A Melt Down, How Are You?

What Helped? I had a total meltdown a few days ago.  Why am I sharing this?  So that hopefully those of you who like me were struggling to acknowledge your feelings and beating yourself up might know that you are not alone and also to share what has helped me in the hope it might […]Read More

What Is Spirit Writing – Automatic Writing?

Spirit Writing

Channelled Writings I discovered what I call ‘Spirit Writing’ or what some call Automatic Writing purely by chance during my Angelic Energy Healing ® with Flavia Kate Peters.  During our training, we were asked to connect. with Spirit, and write something.  At the time I thought ‘how ridiculous of course nothing is going to happen, I […]Read More