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Your mala is here as a powerful spiritual tool, to be at your side whenever you need and in a variety of different ways, from the healing energies of the mix of crystals, seeds, sacred woods to the intent behind them, your use of them and how far you go to deepen that relationship!

About my passion

Malas helped me through a time when I was suffering from a long term debilitating illness.  That is the first harness of my passion, now being able to share this with others.  But someone asked me today what did I feel was different with my malas compared to others.  I feel it is the intent behind the ‘birthing of these beautiful pieces’. 

These malas aren’t just beautiful pieces to wear, to meditate with and forget about the rest of the time.  

I channel these malas, they come through as collective energy almost like a personality, in fact, I find I connect as one does in the human form with them in this way, as odd as that might sound.

But you will understand this when you develop a relationship with yours and part of my calling is to help you find that.  

The journey doesn’t stop when you buy a mala from me, I offer free zoom sessions on the history of malas, how to best work with them and activate them in a chanting process.  This process you can take away with you and embrace it in to your daily routine.

I also have a private Instagram group, The Mala Goddess and when you have purchased a piece you are invited to join where you will meet other like minded people and get to share in sacred space, enjoy tailored events and previews.

Justine Nagaur


Unique ~ being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else


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Connecting with your mala creates a powerful spiritual wellbeing relationship

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Handmade Malas Made With Love

I welcome you to take a peek at some of the past malas that were made on commission.  You will see that they all vary so much, each one holding their own unique energy pattern which translates into a resonance that is almost tangible, containing differing healing elements and words of wisdom should you wish to listen and connect!

Commission Me

How It Works


Chat With Me

The first stage is that we will have a chat over zoom so that I can fully share how this process works and to get to know each other a little.  I will also showcase some of my work for you to get a good idea of quality/styles etc.

This also gives you ample time to ask any questions.


Once we have had this chat and decided to go ahead you will be required to pay an £80 non-refundable deposit.  This covers expenses and time in the initial stages.

Throughout the download/design process, I will be available to contact.



Once the mala is completed, which happens at the right time energetically for you, it will be posted first class recorded.  After which you will be offered a free Mala Activation session on zoom to start that amazing journey between you and your powerful healing mala. 

the moment of excitement is when they first get a glimpse of their mala

Beautiful Words From Mala Spirit Keepers

“Dear Justine, I have just arrived home and opened your little treasure…!!
Thank you so, so much – I love it – the colours are just beautiful and the Moonstone is stunning.  This is my third piece from you (fourth, actually, as I also bought a Mala for my daughter) – they get lots of comments from people – so I’m always recommending you to others…!!
Interestingly, I am a Virgo, so the timing of the September Full Moon with the completion of the Mala seems very apt…
Thank you for asking about the course – I have almost finished…!!
I am very excited about where my path will lead me and everything you wrote in the piece about the Mala and ‘New Beginnings’ resonates with me.  I will treasure not only the beautiful Mala but all that you have written aswell.
I hope you are well and hope we keep in touch…
Thank you again and sending lots of love…
J… xxx”


This exquisite piece was more than I ever dreamed of, there really are no words that describe the beautifully strong yet peaceful energy that it emits.
Having sent Justine the maple 🍁 leaf to work her magic with after a close personal loss, she guided me through the most beautiful dedication ceremony, giving me a real sense of connection to the process of healing my grief a truly magical experience that she held space for.
I’m lucky to have several of Justine’s pieces each with their own uniqueness
However this one holds a very special place in my heart and I’m truly blessed by its presence 🙏🏼💖

I received the Mala this morning.  My goodness, it’s so so beautiful and special.  Thank you so much!!  I love your packaging too and the rose petals are such a lovely addition.  And thank you so much for the little angel too.  You are so talented, it really is so exquisite.


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My History With Malas

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