Spirit Writing, What Do The Trees See

I am here out in Barbados and surrounded by glorious palm trees. I took some time to meditate and connect with the tree spirits here, yes a little tree hugging went on and wow their presence so powerful that I wanted to see what they might have to say. I don’t know how old they […]

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Away On Vacation


  Just a little note to say I am going away on vacation, so Etsy is shut and treatment bookings are closed also. My minds been a bit of an excited blur as going to Barbados to see family, witness two love birds getting married, relax, eat amazing food, meditate, switch off and chilllzzzzzz on […]

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Aloha Mala 108 Mala

Aloha Mala 108 Mala

I thought I would include this beautiful written piece on the word Aloha, taken from huna.org, which to me depicts what this mala is all about. Love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy The word Aloha holds within itself all one needs to know to interact rightfully in the natural world. These insights describe an attitude […]

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Buddha Amulet 108 Mala With Rosewood & Serpentine

Buddha Amulet 108 Mala With Rosewood & Serpentine

Healing Calm Waters There is something ever so calming about this mala,you want to run it over your palm and each bead that passes over gives a sense of tranquility.  Because of the mix with rosewood it is also pretty lightweight, making it a perfect travel companion. The crystals that called to be with this […]

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