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Welcome to your audio library, here you will find the links to our  most recent ‘Moon Session’ audios & any extra ‘audio drops’ I feel pertinent.

Where are the audios hosted?

On SoundCloud

Will I need to make an account to listen on SoundCloud?

You don’t need to make an account but you do need to register.

Is SoundCloud free?

Yes totally.

How long do i have access to the fortnightly moon circle audios?

For two weeks.

What happens once access to the next Moon Circle audio ceases?

The idea is that you have continuous access to time-sensitive ‘Moon Circle’ audios, therefore once one disappears a new one relevant to the energy of that time appears.

What alternative ways can i use the audios?

Many of the audios contain multiple meditations within one session.  For instance, you will have intention setting, the opening of the chakras, perhaps progressive muscle relaxation etc.  You can scroll through the audio, make a note of the time and just listen to a smaller part if you want bite-sized pieces

What about any other audios, how long will I get access to them?

You will be told this at the time of the release.

Do you sell your audios?

Yes, I hand-pick some audios for people to purchase, you can find them here:  https://awesound.com/aurorafacets

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