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People have been gathering together not only in circles but around predominant cyclical times of the moon for aeons.  It is a wonderful time to set intentions, clear energy, gain clarity, clear energy, ground, centre ourselves, receive wisdom and connect with themselves through communal energy.


 all about us

About Our Moon Membership

Welcome to Aurora Facets Moon Circle where like-minded souls gather online fortnightly together within a sacred space facilitated by Justine Nagaur, founder of Aurora Facets Transformational Healing and creator of bespoke prayer malas.

Within this cherished circle, you will be held in a safe space that embodies deep connected healing for all present amplified by the foundation of being within the energy of the collective.

The core of each fortnightly experience comprises a warm welcome, the option to share with each other in a non-judgemental safe space.  We will then energetically connect the circle of all present with a beautiful meditation followed by deep restorative relaxation of the deep liminal space of Yoga Nidra with Alchemy Sounds where profound healing can occur and different states of consciousness.  Each Yoga Nidra is curated specially for the particular cycle and dominant sign that we are in at the time, this having a bearing on our mind, body, emotions and spirit.

You are invited to align with the energy of what we are experiencing around us at the time mainly being the moon and the turning of the wheel, the latter being when we move through the seasons and harness the gifts that this cycle offers us.

It is a journey of ever-unfolding beautiful discovery.

Though the online gatherings are the main focus of our ‘Moon Circle’ there are many additional elements to this membership, please see below.

This circle is open to everyone of all genders over the age of 18 or over.

I would love for you to join our circle.

What else does the membership include?

it is packed full of lunar goodness

  • Your own membership portal which will house all your additional material
  • Fortnightly online ‘Moon Circle’ gatherings consisting of a healing circle, curated Yoga Nidra and Alchemy Sounds.
  • Audio access to every online ‘Moon Circle’ gathering which remains accessible for two weeks
  • Fortnightly ‘Moon Manuals’ packed with a variety of crystal, altar, rituals, journaling prompts, mantras, moon info, moon impacts, chakras, all curated specifically to the cycle & main sign we are in there and then to deepen your experience at either the full or new moon.
  • Each audio can be broken down into mini-meditations, giving you not only constant access to curated yoga Nidras throughout your membership but a variety of ways to use them.
  • Occasional specialist guests chosen for their skillsets that I feel would benefit the group who will either give a talk or demonstrate.
  • VIP access & or discounts to other events online or in-person.
  • Members rates for 1:1 healing with myself, online or in-person.
  • Access to specialist workshops ie crystal housekeeping and divination, some of which will be live depending on when you join up.
  • Portal info drops on turning of the wheel and on energy wellness.
  • Being part of a community
  • Invite to my private Moon Circle Facebook Group.

types of membership

I have a variety of membership subscriptions, from the whole year down to four months.  Your membership portal will contain the information/bonuses/info drops pertinent to the time scale of your membership.  The longer the membership the more cost effective it is.  You can email me at aurorafacets@gmail.com if you have any further questions.

do i have to be a member, can i try it first?

You are welcome to buy a single ticket to try it out and I can integrate this into your membership payment should you decide to join.  Single purchase tickets do not get access to the membership portal perks or Facebook Group, you will however receive a ‘Moon Manual’ related to that event time span and access to the recording for two weeks.

a little bit

About Me

my name is


I live in London, am a mummy of two teenage boys & my French bulldog.

I have a passion for connecting & working with both the moon, mother nature and guiding healing and empowerment to others.

My career of over 25 years as a holistic therapist pivoted into becoming a multi-disciplinary healer after my chronic illness.

I seek to share what helped me to reclaim wellness, the lessons learned and wisdom gifted by my ‘teachers’ to others who may be struggling in their own way so that they may have a easier path to reclaiming their own ‘wholeness’ and ‘wellness’.

I facilitate this through certain modalities which resonate strongly with my heart, examples are yoga Nidra, sound healing, crystals, breathwork, sharing of knowledge, the written word and the power of energy healing.  I bring all of this together as a powerful healing toolkit to my sessions with lashings of love and authentic intention.


Did I Create This Circle?

Many of us have experienced such a tumultuous time of ever-changing life experiences, including isolation, confusion, pain, sleep disorders, anxiousness, a sense of loss, chronic illnesses flaring up to name but a few, combined with an onslaught of different offerings online, which even to me as a seasoned healer can be mind-boggling.

I started off with just one session online focusing on sleep and yoga Nidra at the beginning of the pandemic.

Then another session, then two, three until it organically grew over time until I looked back and realised they had been with me already a year, which was quite an emotional realisation.


supporting each other

The ‘Moon Circle’ Grew With The Whole Group

This established intimate group of beautiful souls who have found healing and empowerment through connecting with me, sound, the written word and the collective of the group are with me again for the year and so I am now extending this out to support others, to come and join our wonderful lunar tribe!

I myself have suffered isolation and much more in the past through long term chronic illness long before the pandemic struck, I know what it is like.  It took sheer determination to turn my life around but this took a long time as I did it on my own.


I am 

Holding Space For You

I would have loved a community where I could have connected, felt safe, been under someone’s guidance who was mature, seasoned with life, in a non-judgemental space, who had been through a similar experience or certainly might know how I might be feeling and or experiencing, to energetically hold my hand side by side, yet also have the healing knowledge to guide and support me.

Love Justine xxx


Welcome to our ‘Moon Tribe’

Justine’s Sleep Yoda Nidra sessions wonderful way to leave the stress of the day behind and resetting & relaxing your mind before going to sleep.
C.T Auditor

I have really enjoyed the two sessions of Sleep Yoga Nidra which have been very well led, intimate and very beneficial. The advice about preparing the bedroom was invaluable and I now spend time making sure I don’t have piles of dirty/clean clothes etc around the room, I have changed the lighting to something much calmer and have cleared out all the things stored under my bed. The guidance is very clear and calming and I become relaxed very quickly. I have enjoyed much better sleep since which has a knock on effect the following day – I feel more energised, in a better mood, organised and relaxed.

Thank you so much. x

Victoria Denning

‘Thank you for yesterday’s session. I thoroughly enjoyed it
Thank you for your knowledge your passion and generosity. Looking forward to many more magical experiences’

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