As a child, life seemed an endless tapestry of limitless possibilities and  I immersed myself in the concepts of healing, magic, astral travel, mediumship and so much more.

I had a dream that one day I could create something that would help people to feel better, much like  a magic potion, little did I know that this would translate to a lifetime of trials, tribulations and joy, leading to a place where I would finally be able to guide and help others.

Holding on to this desire to help people, my starting point was training as a holistic therapist over 20 years ago, running multiple clinics within Private Members Clubs before exploring the more spiritual realms of energy healing.

I started with reiki and crystal healing more than 15 years ago, well before it became a household concept.  My thirst and passion for further exploration and understanding which became part of my own personal healing journey led me to train in multiple areas: I am a reiki master; accredited crystal practitioner and teacher; alchemy energetics,  sound and angelic healer as well as yoga nidra facilitator. I have CIHDC accreditation from the College of Psychic Studies in Western and Eastern healing modalities.

However, the above are labels, albeit ones with many years of hard graft, tears and self-discovery required to attain, and life itself continues to be the biggest source of learning for me, drawing wisdom from the light and the shadows I encounter in the everyday.

Healing is a continual journey, however it is getting from a point of crisis or long term discourse to a point of self-empowered balance that is important.



Years ago after my two children were born, I was struck down by a debilitating, initially undiagnosed illness.  This resulted in a period of isolation and immobilisation..  I became determined to find ways to move through the pain and make myself better and exhausted testing and trialling a huge range of approaches.  Progress was painstaking and I was sometimes thrown backwards, but slowly and surely, I got better. 

This experience had a huge impact on my life, leading me to truly dedicate myself to my spiritual journey and marking my entry into the world of energy healing.  The mindfulness and meditation I embraced during this process in turn developed into my work with malas, or prayer beads, which became an integral additional support to my wellness.

The understanding I have gained along the way has allowed me to fully step into an empathetic space from which I can support others through their own suffering, turning that experience into something not only healing but self-empowering.

I have come to learn that when we falter along our path, we must step into ourselves, vulnerable yet trusting, and merge with our intuition and sense of self.  Then we are able to move forwards with our healing journey, learning that no matter what happens, there is always something to be taken from it and used to our benefit.


We see things not as they are, but as we are. Because it is the ‘I’ behind the ‘eye’ that does the seeing.”
― Anaïs Nin



I carry out my healing sessions in the relaxing and peaceful environment of my home sanctuary, a sacred haven within my garden, far away from the frenetic world.

In this space you will be truly seen and heard, enabling you to feel safe and let go, to trust and open up fully to all and any concerns you have.

It is from there that a bespoke programme will be developed utilising one or more of my practice tools to help you get in touch with your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self.

My aim is that I provide the space,  guidance, and support and share my knowledge accrued over time, acting as a channel for healing energy.  But the real transformative work integrates fully when you open up to this offering and allow yourself to become self-empowered, thus welcoming in a continuation of the benefits you will receive with me.

Embracing a programme together, allows us to develop this relationship and trust, creates accountability and monitored growth of your own wellness over time.



Book in a free 20-minute consultation to start the conversation about your healing journey or to commission one of your very own bespoke crystal malas.

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