Hello, I’m Justine. 

For a long time, I was living an unhealed life. Like so many of us, I felt caught up in the throes of modern existence, running a business and trying to nurture a family. All whilst unknowingly dealing with internal chaos that was manifesting in my day-to-day.

After years of avoiding the darkest parts of myself and failing to understand the ongoing impact of my traumas, I was struck down by a debilitating illness. It left me immobilised and isolated. Not only was I unable to live in a way I deserved, but I wasn’t able to fully embrace the daily joys of watching my children grow.

It was this – the lowest point in my life – that forced me to take accountability and made me determined to find ways to improve my pain, both internally and externally. Having finally embraced energetic healing, I went from bed-bound and completely unsatisfied, to healthy and at one with myself.


Healing. Healed. Healer.

At rock bottom, I was forced to commit to my spiritual journey or to face a life that never quite fulfilled me. Stressed, ill and disconnected, I had no choice but to transform!

My healing experience meant embracing spirituality in countless different ways, from mindfulness and meditation, to sound healing, prayer beads, and deep energetic healing. I exhausted approaches until I found what was most impactful for me. 

It was shifting my own reality and truly healing through spirituality that made me realise this is my calling: Helping other women to let go of the chaos and step into their energetic power, just as I have.

With a deep empathy for those feeling disconnected from themselves, I began studying. I am a qualified crystal practitioner, pranayama breathwork practitioner, angelic healer and reiki master, with training in sound healing, alchemy energetics, yoga nidra, shamanism and a diploma which combines Eastern and Western healing.

However, these are all just labels. Albeit ones that took a lot of time, energy and commitment! Life itself is what continues to be my biggest source of learning, as I draw wisdom from the light and the shadows of my path. 

Soul Clients

I’ve been seeing Justine for 7 months now and the progress and discovery I’ve made has been nothing short of remarkable.  It’s been a cathartic journey to say the least that has helped reveal and heal past traumas, which in turn has helped me better tackle and understand how I manage things today.  I’ve learnt to let go and live more positively with past experiences that used to consume and plague me with fear and negativity.  The results have been transformational.  I’m a better business leader, mum, friend and wife.  I know myself better and feel empowered with the tools I’ve been given to practice self -care between sessions.  I didn’t know what to expect going in to this but the experience has been profound – SJ


Transformation isn’t easy, but we’re in this together. 

I trained in so many disciplines because I know that healing looks unique for every beautiful soul out there. And every step as you heal may require different tools in order for you to best flourish!

I work with my clients in several ways, but each is underpinned by the following shared values you will find below.

Step into the life you deserve

A reality where you feel empowered, calm, and utterly connected to the best version of you is possible. And I want to help you to get there!


Find Out How You Can Work With Me

Book in a free 20-minute consultation to start the conversation about your healing journey or to commission one of your very own bespoke crystal malas.

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