Hello and welcome to Aurora Facets, my name is Justine, I am a mother, healer, jeweller & holistic therapist.  But those are just labels, below I will try to let you know a little bit about who I really am and what you should expect if you decide to come and see me for a session.


I can remember when I was little making an announcement to my mother that I wanted to help people feel better.  She asked me what I meant by this.  I said I wanted to be so good at helping people that I would be well known.  She asked if I wanted to be famous.  I said “no, not famous, just that if I am well known it must mean that I am helping an awful lot of people” which is the best way I could express it at such a young age.

She asked me how I would help people feel better.  I did not know at such a young age how that would be accomplished, but it has sat with me since then.

I have always dabbled in curiosities, searching for things that appeared as a young child to have a sense of magic to them and promise of something better, be it a crystal then turned unwittingly into a dowsing tool or herbs fashioned inside magical looking bottles that promised this and that and with this my book collection grew and grew.  There was not however surely a place where such things could be learnt?

Growing up this conversation sat in my subconscious whilst ‘life’ posed questions that needed definite answers now, such as what are you going to train to do?  I decided I needed to work with people and as such, I began my journey as a Holistic Therapist training at the Ray Cochrane School of Beauty Therapy over 20 yrs ago, qualifying both in Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie ( C.I.D.E.S.C.O ) & The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (C.I.B.T.A.C) which is a leading awarding body, proud of our international recognition for producing Graduates of the highest calibre.

My journey in this field then moved slowly over time from traditional beauty therapy into more of a holistic field, branching out into more spiritual realms such as Reiki over 15 yrs ago far before it became as well known as it is now.  Then everything changed,  it all had to stop, due to then an unknown illness which rendered me immobile, unable to look after my children or continue my career.

This part of my life was when I ‘really’ learnt my true lessons in life and how to accomplish what I said when so young.

It was my own personal journey of moving through the dark times of isolation and immobility, through the gambit of emotions that especially an unexplained illness can give you to developing a steely determination to find ways that I could get better.

I exhausted testing and trialling many ways, progress was slow and sometimes it tipped me backwards, reminding me never to take for granted one’s health.

Slowly and surely I got better, through the mist and able to see into the future with many many lessons in my toolbox of which I am happy to say I can now not only share but empathize with journeying to a better place be it from darkness to light or just simply wishing to have a little more energy to get yourself through the day.

The last few years have been spent at the College of Psychic studies having finally found a place where I can accomplish and train in so much of what sparked my interest as a child.  After two years I attained the College Integrated Healing Diploma which combines Eastern & Western healing modalities.  I am a qualified Crystal Practitioner and Angelic Healer.  My Reiki has had a blossoming of new life as I re-trained at the Reiki Academy, having completed my certification as a  Reiki Master my learning journey joyously continuing, adding Sound Healing to my toolbox both 1:1 and group, having trained with various amazing teachers after feeling the enormous benefits of myself personally,  I feel spiritual development is a continual journey.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity of growth that I can share both in the form of Spiritual Healing, Holistic Therapy and another of my passions Crystal Healing, both in treatment format and in the crystal healing jewellery I make, especially intuitive malas.

I work from home, in my den especially created as a sanctuary of peace and calm amidst my garden.  Appointments are on a bookable basis only, no walk in’s and I pace my slots in order to give time before and after to take great care of preparing this sacred space and myself to offer the best I can to my clients.

You will find a full treatment list here: Treatment List

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The products I use in the Holistic Treatments have been chosen to allow me to keep within the spectrum of getting back to nature, supporting biodiversity, using what Mother Nature so kindly gave us to help keep our bodies balanced, plus a specialist Treatment Range for Acne and Ageing.

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