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I am a spiritual healer and mentor, here to guide you on to your path of wellness. 

Through my energy healing, I mainly work with crystals, sound and meditation.

I also channel and create bespoke crystal malas incorporating advice on how best to use them as healing tools at home as well as crystal advice for personal use.


I work with individual clients, through standalone healing sessions or bespoke packages designed for long-term wellness.

I also run group workshops, events and corporate sessions, and teach.

I sell ethically sourced crystals and wellbeing products, including my own handmade bespoke crystal malas.


I will guide and support you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually not only through energy healing but also through regular consultation and accountability sessions.

You will be provided with continuity and tailored solutions to help during our sessions and also in your own home practice thereby nurturing your own self-empowerment.


The prayer beads I make are channelled for your individual needs, with a focus on long term support for your greater good.  The malas are all very personal, each made up of a unique combination of high vibe crystals, healing stones, sacred wood and seeds to best support you on your wellness journey.

Each piece holds its own unique energetic blueprint and I will guide you on how to fully realise the power of this meditational tool for your self-healing.  All of my malas are created from a place of unconditional love and are energetically cleansed, ready for you to dedicate and attune them for the work you will do together within the unique relationship you will develop.

You can buy pre-made one-off malas in my shop or commission a bespoke item tailored specifically for you. 


I primarily use sound, crystal healing, meditation and mentorship to guide and empower you on your wellness journey.  Tailoring my knowledge and experience to your individual needs.  I provide a grounding and transformative experience during our sessions in the safe and embracing space of my home sanctuary.

With the knowledge gained from your time with me, you will become more accepting and self-intuitive.  You will leave feeling energised and more comfortable with sitting in your own space and trusting your inner self with a newfound confidence in your process and ability to heal.

I have a range of treatment packages designed to guide you on your path to self-discovery.


I have been working with people for over 25 years, with around 15 of those in the healing field.  I started my journey as a holistic therapist and in recent years have focused on my spiritual development and growth.

I am a qualified crystal practitioner, angelic healer and reiki master, with training in sound healing, alchemy energetics, yoga nidra and a diploma which combines eastern and western healing.



I had Mala beads and a bracelets made for me last year. This year I had a bracelet with mixed crystals and a lotus flower charm made. It is absolutely beautiful. The jewellery is well made with a lot of love put into it. I can’t wait for the next piece.
Thank you Justine
Geraldine E 
Geraldine E

Just received the most gorgeous labradorite heart and amethyst angel from Justine. Such beautiful pieces. All her stones and crystals are ethically sourced which is really important to me. She also recently made a bespoke chakra bracelet for me which I absolutely love. Great quality and made with such love and attention to detail. A beautiful soul who I totally recommend to everyone. Thank you Justine

Rupert F 
Rupert F

I am so happy with the four bracelets I’ve purchased so far. They are really well made in fact you can sense that each one is made with love especially in the way The crystals are put together. I have also just received an absolutely gorgeous labradorite heart with so much amazing detail. I know that all Aurora Facets crystals are ethically sourced and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. 💎💜

Lorraine C 
Lorraine C

Two really lovely readings and a wonderful loving energy from the readings and from Justine. Thank you

Serap L 
Serap L

Earlier today I was very blessed to receive a Crystal Healing with Justine. I was actually feeling a little nervous this Morning, but as soon as I sat down, chatted with Justine and then settled down in her most stunning treatment room I really felt at ease. I felt at ease not only because of the healing and clearing support from the crystals but Justine has a very nurturing nature and she held space perfectly whilst I distressed and rebalanced. I felt very energised afterwards and fully grounded and have continued to have an abundant day. Thank you for your kindness Justine ♡ forever grateful for this. Xx

Bobbie O 
Bobbie O


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