Autumn Equinox, Mabon, What Is It & How To Celebrate It

What is Mabon, the Autumn Equinox and how can we celebrate it?

The Autumn Equinox and Mabon fall into the same space as the wheel continues to turn.

Here we are at a time when the day and night fall equal to each other, representing yin/yang being equal, the masculine and the feminine, that period between, that borderline space which every Equinox affords us.

The Autumn Equinox is the opposite to the Spring Equinox as we find equilibrium once more, moving into the inner and outer at the same time as the cusp of transition takes us into the Winter.

It is the time as we pass through this point of change that the darkness wins over the light, our days get shorter as we begin to go inwards, tending to our inner garden and landscape in preparation for regeneration and growth as and when that eventually re-appears.

Here we move into a sense of completion, the coolness sets in, the green summer shades turn to the firey colours of reds and oranges, the sap returns back to the roots of the trees as we come around again to the point in the dark from where we came.








This is however also the second harvest, the Great Feast of Thanksgiving.

The last grain is cut as the masculine representation is gifted to us to then return once again in the future, but gifting the Goddess radiance, the Harvest Queen still here and present as the gatherings of fruit and vegetables create abundance for which we give thanks to the Sun God.

There is as you will see over the time of these posts much to celebrate in the forms of gifts, becoming aware of what is given to us over and over again.  There are lessons and gifts also to appreciate in our inner landscape as well as outer.

This is a celebration of reaping what we have sown, what did you hope for, what were your aspirations and what was created from this?  What did you learn?

It is a time of completion, to clear out, to let go that which is no longer needed or wanted as we prepare to go down, down into the darkness where further lessons are gifted of our inner world.

Here we can also find peace and rest, a time for gentle reflection.  From this we might find seeds that shall lay doormant but gently held in our subconscious to be nourished here and now to be planted upon the return of Spring.







planting of bulbs

This is a beautiful time to plant bulbs ready for Spring and as you do so make those wishes or intentions of what you wish to bring into that season of fertility and birth as the wheel continues to turn whilst we next go through to the Winter season waiting in anticipation to see the little green saplings push through the ground.

door wreaths

Decorate your front door with a gorgeous leaf wreath.  Make leaf crowns. Head out on a themed-nature walk to look for signs of the autumn. Collect leaves and make leaf prints.

Easy Mabon, Autumn Equinox Activities

Recognising the turning of the wheel, or synching up with the seasons and all that that holds for us as we live on this planet Earth is a wonderful thing to do no matter what your belief system is, we are here and the wheel turns regardless.  Let us celebrate in simple ways the beauty of this.


have a good clear out

Spring is not the only time that is great to have a clear out.  Almost think about the energy of hibernating and the preparation needed to create space for that, what will you wake up to, how do you wish it to be.  Perhaps stripping down and getting rid of unnecessary items before you hunker down for the Winter and tying up loose ends from projects.

mindful walking

The colours are changing and showing their richness with the greens turning to reds, oranges and yellows, it is a truly magical time to go out and spend some mindful time appreciating this colourful palette and its morphing into the new season.  You will find wild damsons, sloes, rosehips, elderberries, blackberries, hawthorn berries and more. Remember the fruit is the carrier of the precious seed.

Ideas for your altar

Take your mind to the colours of Autumn, from green to red, orange, yellow, brown and gold.

You are invited with your altar to forage through nature, always making sure to pay reverence to what you are taking and only take what you need, leaving enough for the animals and elementals.

You can also search through local markets to find lovely items from which to decorate your altar.

At this time there are fruits such as pears, apples, sloes, apples etc, leaving a small bowl of offerings or drying leaves, painting leaves, getting creative is an immersive act of pure dedication to Spirit and your space.

You could go one step further and make a lovely shrine outside for the nature spirits to keep them warm over the coming months.


Justine Nagaur


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