Celebrating Ostara, Spring Equinox

What is Ostara, the Spring Equinox and how can we celebrate it?

Ostara or the Spring Equinox is when the day and night become equal.  It is the balance of the light and the dark and a time to celebrate rebirth, new life both the physical embodiment of renewal as well as spiritual.

Though there are many Goddesses around the world linked with Spring, Ostara is probably the most known, perhaps because the name closely resembles Easter.

Ostara began in Germany where she was said to bring fertility to the land during the month of April, springing to life creativity and supporting new growth, nurturing rebirth and renewal.

There are many fertility totems associated with Ostara, such as eggs and hares.  Eggs also represent the yin/yang, balance of the masculine and feminine energy.  The hare is also a totem and has myth or perhaps legend that the Goddess Ostara transformed an injured bird into a hare that could lay coloured eggs, however one day she got mad at the hare and threw it up to the heavens, forming the constellation of Lepus, but it is said he could return once a year at Spring to share his special colourful eggs.





There is also a connection with the hare and the moon.  The moon holds that feminine energy which imbodies fertility, it burrows like the hare into the darkness each day and emerges again at night, symbolising the rhythm of rebirthing.

The white rabbit often symbolizes esoteric knowledge but as well as this shyness, growth, harmony and awareness.  Rabbits are known for their fertility and are often associated also with the Celtic Goddess of Spring.

Historically Ostara would be seen as a time of magic, literally as people watched the ground burst forth with life.  Traditionally during April, eggs would be painted, hanging them on trees, dancing and hunting hares for rituals.

Ostara very much reminds us of the seasons, the potential in each and every cycle in every way in our life, we go through the transitions, learning something new each time and finally come around to rebirthing ourselves.







decorate your house for spring

A beautiful time to embody the colours of Spring, bringing them into your home.  Getting creative and embodying that energy of rebirth around you.  I would love to know what you get creative with and make or use.  Please tag me on Instagram if you do this @justinenagaur_aurorafacets


Paint Some eggs

The children love this.  Empty the egg first, take time with the children, the new generation to come and nurture their sense of creativity as you indulge yours.  You can get really imaginative with not only paint but things to stick-on etc.  Perhaps hang them on your favourite tree and hang bright Springtime ribbons.  Making sure that you use biodegradable items and that the tree is on your property 🙂

Easy Ostara Activities

Recognising the turning of the wheel, or synching up with the seasons and all that that holds for us as we live on this planet Earth is a wonderful thing to do no matter what your belief system is, we are here and the wheel turns regardless.  Let us celebrate in simple ways the beauty of this.


Greeting the dawn

As we move into the vernal equinox of equal day and night, a beautiful offering is yourself, to go out and greet the sunrise and meditate on the growth and abundance you wish to nurture and not forgetting giving thanks to the Goddess of the Dawn for all the gifts we are presented with daily.


This is a great time for planting, and when we plant physical seeds we can embody that growth in alignment with what we wish to grow within ourselves also.  It is also with this a great time to embody nurture and taking care of saplings that start to burst forth.

Ideas for your altar

Take your mind to the colours of Spring and all that this holds for you.

Some symbols of the vernal equinox include eggs, fresh flowers, and soft, pastel colours.


Because there are equal hours light and dark at the solstice, this is a time of balance — what items can you use that reflect harmony and polarity?

You could perhaps use a smokey quartz and a clear quartz, or you could reflect this in candles, the yin/yang symbol, getting creative with your altar is fun!


Justine Nagaur


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