Working With The Element Of Air & The New Moon

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What Does The Element Of Air Represent?

We have all around us such ample and blessed opportunities to work with the gifts of nature surrounding us.

One of those gifts if working with the elements and today I would like to focus on the element of air.  (no puns please!)

The element of air is linked with rapid change, movements, rising up and communication amongst other things.

As much as air is essential to life through containing oxygen and bringing new life through the scattering of seeds it can also be destructive with extremes of temperature and tornadoes.

Air can also be blocked by earth but at the same time be capable of moving earth.  It relates to Spring so a wonderful element to work with right now.  

Other connections with the earth relate to voice, breath, life-force, wind, knowledge, technology, communication, theories, language, memory, comprehension, clarity, decisions, opinions, flexibility and dreams and we can also link this to either our star sign and whatever the full or new moon is in at the current moment.  Right now our next New Moon in a couple of days is in Aquarius, an air sign.


New Moon Bonus Content With Sleep Yoga Nidra

This Wednesday 10th February, the day before the New Moon in Aquarius,  at precisely 9 pm on zoom both myself and a lovely group of souls will be experiencing connecting with the energy of the upcoming new moon, sharing a healing circle and sleep tips and embracing a beautiful sleep yoga nidra to deepen our connection with our intuitive self.  

I have an exciting bonus accompanying this session for those who attend in the form of an online New Moon pamphlet which shares a powerful ritual to connect with the New Moon in Aquarius even more deeply the night after in your own sacred space at home.

So please join me, you can pre-register through the button below.



Connecting With Air

If you wish to connect with the earth element on your altar you might with to use the colours green and yellow and or white feathers.

Magical connections relating to air can be incense and smudging tools.

Activities, ritual movements, dance and breathwork.

New Moon In Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius leads us to focus on various aspects of our life, one being friendships, the future that we wish to put into place, wisdom sharing and growing, breaking free from stagnancy, how we present ourselves and digging deep into our authenticity by stripping back that which we don’t need anymore and breaking free from the past as part of that process.  

We will be moving forwards!

Justine Nagaur


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