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What’s been happening here at Aurora Facets?

I’ve had the pleasure of Justine’s in-person healing sessions over several years. The space Justine holds is extremely nurturing allowing deep healing to unfold on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

More recently I’ve had the most incredible distant healing sessions with Justine. Energy flows where intention goes and Justine’s healing intentions are second to none, these sessions are always followed with superb feedback, insight and support.

I highly recommend Justine’s healing sessions including her yoga Nidra for sleep.

Rachel Cherry

Holistic Therapist - Intuitive Healer

Moon Box, everything you need to create powerful rituals & healing around the Full & New Moon cycles


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Moon Box, everything you need to create powerful rituals & healing around the Full & New Moon cycles

I am super excited also to share with you my new shop, now integrated in to this website.  Though my Etsy will remain as a pointer to this website, the shop here is the main one.  

Here I can share my passion for providing ethically sourced crystals, vintage pieces, powerful spiritual healing kits and my unique malas!

You might want to bookmark the shop page as it is constantly being updated, I have so many gorgeous pieces to share with you including my popular ‘Moon Box’ which will keep your moon rituals, both new and full kitted out for most of the year.

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Starlight Yoga Nidra Recording Now Available

I invite you to experience a nourishing starlight yoga Nidra sleep session which is filled with a multitude of sensory experiences with the aim of leaving you immersed into the beautiful liminal space of creativity and healing before leaving you to fall into a deep sleep for the night. During the starlight time, there will also be a variety of soft soothing gentle sounds, hand played intuitively to deepen your journey.

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation, lying down, often in the day for around 20 minutes where you will be vocally guided with a variety of practices which might include some of the following; breathwork, intention setting, imagery, body scanning. It is in this sacred space that dynamic healing and profound relaxation can occur, leaving you refreshed as if you have slept for hours.

Releasing Moon Ritual

Now is a great time with the Full Moon, espeically the first one of this year to do a releasing ritual.  Shedding ourselves of what we don’t need any more and creating space for what we do want.

Here’s a lovely releasing ritual which will get you outside for an adventure too!

What do you need?

* A largish stone

* Some quiet time

* Chalk or marker

* Access to a pond/river/lake if all else fails a tap!

 Water is associated with the emotions and cleansing, this all links strongly with the full moon.

Take some quiet time to meditate and write down on your stone on one side last years date, ie 2020 and on the underside what you with to release.  just single words will do.


Take it to the water and place it/drop it in.  With this action set the intention to release those words, imagining the water washing the chalk away.

You may choose to say something like “With this rock I relinquish back to Mother Nature that which serves me no more, I connect with Grandmother Moon to cleanse away any stagnant energy, giving way for positive abundance.  I give thanks for all the healing received and lessons learned up until now. 

Justine Nagaur 



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