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Why Do We Need To Cleanse Our Crystals?

Have you ever walked in to a room feeling great and then suddenly feeling awkward or low?

I would say this has happened to all of us at one time or another.

We exude energy and we absorb energy, there is a constant flow in and around us.  We hold our own energetic patterns, but those patterns will be affected by our surroundings, events that have an impact on us causing emotions and physical discourse.

The same can be that you are in someone’s presence and feeling low and they might uplift you.

It is the same with crystals, they have their own energetic patterns and therefore are affected by their surroundings.

When I talk about cleaning, remember it is not physically cleaning, it is energetic cleaning.


So when you buy a new crystal, work with it, have someone else handle it, perhaps its been in a room where there has been an argument then cleanse it please.  It doesn’t matter whether the crystal seller says they cleansed it before they posted it or gave it to you, it still needs cleansing.

It is a good habit to get in to and good energy hygiene to do this.  Most of us when we buy new clothes or vegetables etc wash it before consuming or wearing them, so think of it much like this.  

You want your crystals to be clear of any negative or muggy energy and to be free flowing with their own natural innate beautiful healing energy.

Some crystals will naturally transmute negative energy in to positive however, I always work on the premise that each and every crystal I use will need a good old clean.


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 I wish to share with you one simple way that you can cleanse one or a group of crystals, rather than bombard you with different methods.

We will use smoke from incense or smudge sticks to do this.

You can pop to my shop (tab below) if you don’t have any smudge sticks, I have small sage bulbs which last a long time, paired with some grounding fossilised wood, we could all do with grounding and I have large cedar sticks, fantastic for deep space clearing.

Please scroll below for the method. 



How To Use Smoke To Cleanse Your Crystals


If you are using incense it’s very easy, just light the tip and blow out once you get the orange glow.  With smudge sticks it is a little different, but I prefer using this method.  Some smudge sticks will smoke more than others, some take longer to light, you will get used to working with the ones that you have.

Before you light any smudge stick however, please make sure that you have a little catching tray underneath for any lit bits that might fall off so that you don’t burn your carpet.  I like to use either ceramic or a shell.  It is easier most of the time to light your smudge stick from the flame of a candle, otherwise you might go through a few matches.

Make sure your crystals are nearby that you wish to cleanse and  light your smudge stick until you see the tip glowing, let it burn for a few seconds, then if the flame does not naturally disappear gently blow on it.

I would recommend cleansing your space, room, as well as yourself and your crystals as there isn’t much point cleansing a crystal and sticking it in a muggy room or handling it yourself if you need a good old energetic cleanse.  So go to all four corners of the room wafting the smoke and in your mind or out loud say “Sacred smoke, please clear this place of stagnant and negative energy” and then yourself from the top of your head to the bottom and finally your crystals, making sure to waft the smoke all over. 

When you cleanse, it is not just about the action, but also the intention.  So when you cleanse yourself you can say the same sentence but alter the words appropriately and the same for the crystals.

Please ensure that when you have finished with your smudge stick that you place it on or in a ceramic plate, if you use metal like I did once, you will likely end up with a sore finger!  Please however always make sure that your smudge stick is not smouldering anymore before you leave it unattended.  If it is still smoking a lot you can either tap it against the ceramic tray to put it out or if all else fails put some water on it.  I had to do that once with a very enthusiastic smudge stick that nearly smoked me out of the house.

Last but not least, you can use the Moon or Suns rays to give your crystals a lovely boost of energy or’lunar/solar bath’ just make sure if you are using solar rays that you don’t put the crystals in direct light as some fade and also you don’t want to have any fires spring to life.

If you wish to deepen your relationship with crystals, I provide mentoring and healing on a 1:1 and group basis. Please use my contact form to make enquiries or book an energy call!


Transformational Healing

Like most of the population I have had to adjust the way I work completely and it’s taken me a while to do this.

I have a beautiful healing space in SW14 and still take in clients 1:1 when possible, however for the rest of the time my work is now online.

What I offer are Healing Programmes, where you will receive a combination of distant healing, utilising the various alchemic forms of healing in my toolkit as per your needs and spiritual guidance.  Merging the two together is a powerful unit and a must for the longevity in my mind for any healing to continue and my aim is for your self empowerment with your healing so you can take back the reigns of your wellness.

My healing skillsets takes the form of crystal healing, reiki, sound healing, bespoke yoga nidras and guided meditations, to name a few and probably my most utilised, which I am able to pick and choose from according to your needs.


 I work via zoom and create a holding sacred space of safety and replicate the whole experience to be as similar to in person as possible.

Please feel free to book a zoom consultation to discuss your needs and to see if we are a good match, email in the first instance to:  aurorafacets@gmail.com with your full name and contact number.

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Commission your very own bespoke mala

Here we are at another one of my passions, mala making, but more than that, creating bespoke pieces just for you.

Malas helped me through a time when I was suffering from a long term debilitating illness.  That is the first harness of my passion, now being able to share this with others.  But someone asked me today what did I feel was different with my malas compared to others.  I feel it is the intent behind the ‘birthing of these beautiful pieces’. 


These malas aren’t just beautiful pieces to wear, to meditate with and forget about the rest of the time.  

I channel these malas, they come through as collective energy almost like a personality, in fact, I find I connect as one does in the human form with them in this way, as odd as that might sound.

Justine Nagaur 



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