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Welcome to my new blog!

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.
― Edith Lovejoy Pierce.”

Timely Transitions

It seems fitting with that with our last full moon of the year, or first for next year as some would suggest that I welcome you to my new blog and website.

This process has been in the offing since the start of our first lockdown, the reason it took so long as my utter determination to try and master technology which nearly always gets the better of me.

What an incredible year we have all had, one that will go down in history books I am sure.

This ‘Full Cold Moon’ will linger longer above the horizon than other full moons this year and as such presents to us a perfect opportunity to pause and reflect.

I invite you to take the time to hone your thoughts through meditation, allowing space for clear perspective and mindfulness as you perhaps reflect on the last year, insights, losses, gains, transformations, joys and lessons learned, so that we may take what we wish to bring in to 2021 

If you have a piece of sunstone you might wish to meditate with this tonight, with the intention of bringing the warmth and joy that so often the sun brings within or perhaps you feel the need to release, clear and let go, which the full moon energetically often discreetly encourages us to do, in this case a piece of selenite or clear quartz.

Don’t forget to smudge your back door tonight as you wave the last vestigates of 2020 goodbye and make space for what you wish for 2021!

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Moon Box, everything you need to create powerful rituals & healing around the Full & New Moon cycles

Moon Box, everything you need to create powerful rituals & healing around the Full & New Moon cycles


3 in stock

I am super excited also to share with you my new shop, now integrated in to this website.  Though my Etsy will remain as a pointer to this website, the shop here is the main one.  

Here I can share my passion for providing ethically sourced crystals, vintage pieces, powerful spiritual healing kits and my unique malas!

You might want to bookmark the shop page as it is constantly being updated, I have so many gorgeous pieces to share with you including my popular ‘Moon Box’ which will keep your moon rituals, both new and full kitted out for most of the year.

blog facts

What else will I be bringing you?


The Moon

Regular moon updates.

As you know moon living is a passion of mine, I leave the horoscopes and astrological predictions to the professionals, but bring you a little magic coupled with guidance on fruitful ways to work with lunar energy.


Crystal News

Bringing you my top tips on how to make the most of your crystal family.  Being an accredited crystal healer with more than four years training under my belt it’s clear this is a passion of mine and with any passion, there is such a humbling joy to be able to share this with you.


General Musings

Yes, that’s right, I will also be sharing ‘general musings’, not labelling them as I want this writing space to be fluid, relevant and interesting/useful.

If you have any particular topics you would like covered, please feel free to ping me at aurorafacets@gmail.com

Transformational Healing

Like most of the population I have had to adjust the way I work completely and it’s taken me a while to do this.

I have a beautiful healing space in SW14 and still take in clients 1:1 when possible, however for the rest of the time my work is now online.

What I offer are Healing Programmes, where you will receive a combination of distant healing, utilising the various alchemic forms of healing in my toolkit as per your needs and spiritual guidance.  Merging the two together is a powerful unit and a must for the longevity in my mind for any healing to continue and my aim is for your self empowerment with your healing so you can take back the reigns of your wellness.

My healing skillsets takes the form of crystal healing, reiki, sound healing, bespoke yoga nidras and guided meditations, to name a few and probably my most utilised, which I am able to pick and choose from according to your needs.


 I work via zoom and create a holding sacred space of safety and replicate the whole experience to be as similar to in person as possible.

Please feel free to book a zoom consultation to discuss your needs and to see if we are a good match, email in the first instance to:  aurorafacets@gmail.com with your full name and contact number.

unique & bespoke healing tools just for you

Commission your very own bespoke mala

Here we are at another one of my passions, mala making, but more than that, creating bespoke pieces just for you.

Malas helped me through a time when I was suffering from a long term debilitating illness.  That is the first harness of my passion, now being able to share this with others.  But someone asked me today what did I feel was different with my malas compared to others.  I feel it is the intent behind the ‘birthing of these beautiful pieces’. 


These malas aren’t just beautiful pieces to wear, to meditate with and forget about the rest of the time.  

I channel these malas, they come through as collective energy almost like a personality, in fact, I find I connect as one does in the human form with them in this way, as odd as that might sound.

Justine Nagaur 



Work With Me

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