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Spirit Writing 27/4/2020

Guidance For R

The Chariots of Fire quell the salt of the Earth as she basks in her glory against might and against foe.
They sitteth deep within a place that most not go, a place so beholden that she dare not let it be so.
For it is within her,
This place she must sow,
A place ripe for the plucking,
If only she would let it grow.
For what pulleth you back?  My little child.
Take my hand and stand by my side.
For I am you, as you are me.
Let go of travesty and walk with me, let us journey beyond all that you can see, for when we let go and trust in the Divine you will see there’s no need to fear me.
For I am you and you are me and happy ever we are destined to be.
Open your eyes and really see,
Really see and let yourself be,
All that you cherish and hold within, will never flourish unless you sit within.
Be with me dear child and know I speak with love,
I speak with love on the wings of a dove,
Look up at the sky and see me now.
For I am you, and you are me.

Feedback:  Absolutely beautiful 🕊️  
Justine thank you
Very profound, has me in tears, in a good way xxx
© Justine Nagaur/Aurora Facets
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