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I’ve promised this meditation back in my prior post here:  I Had A Melt Down But That’s Ok 
It’s been a little while since that post so though I apologise for the delay I have in fact been busy, updating my technology skills which seemed to need a good dusting off and having never ‘recorded’ a meditation before, only having done them live I needed to get to grips with which platform to use, how to do it and the most basic easiest of things, try to find a quiet ‘time’ to do it.  The latter might sound easy but in lockdown with two teenage boys, the house next door emptpy except for builders, kids out on the street, dogs barking and goodness knows what else it has proved to be tricky.  I did at least one other Meditation which went under scrutiny and decided it needed tweaking.
So here we are, it isn’t perfect, but what is? It however made with love and positive intention.
My gift was originally for those of you who simply cannot get outside, for whatever reason, but in reality, it is for all of you, and I hope you enjoy.
It is a super important time to allow yourself to be in your body, we tend to fly away during panic mode, fear and an overly busy head which can also come about through massive change, change of routine.  You know that “I can’t remember what day of the week it is” kind of feeling?
So before you listen to this, please try to find a quiet space, put a candle on, some incense, hopefully you won’t be disturbed, settle a little before you press play and if possible listen to this with headphones on.
Afterwards, roll to the side, then after a minute or two get up gently, embrace some physical movement, tapping of the body to make sure your present.  Have a hot drink or better still some dark chocolate!  Always a good excuse.
Justine Ines Nagaur · Grounding Meditation
If you like this meditation and would like to hear more, please email me at
Meanwhile, I am wishing you a beautiful rest of the weekend, may the words of guidance above take you to the forest for some bliss!
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Many blessings, Justine xxx
Blessings, Justine xxx

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