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I always say that crystals will work with you in the bespoke way that they are meant to, just as you are a unique individual the crystal you team up with, will connect with that unique energy and it’s own unique energy and create something beautiful.
So though I write down snippets of information below, you will form your own bond and relationship with each crystal and mala and make it yours and attune it to work to your highest good, love to all, harm to none and feel that relationship strengthen each and every day as you get to know each other better.
Tune in and see what you feel with this mala, even by the images, I am always interested to hear what it brings for you.
There are and only will be two of these currently available, so know you will be two of you in this world wearing this, you can’t really put a price on that right?  Perhaps you have a best friend, a lover, partner, sister, brother (I see it as unisex) that you would like to gift one too, especially nice to remain connected during these disconnected times 🙂
This piece will be due to go into my Etsy shop, but if you wish to nab it before then, please email me at
Payment will be through Paypal and includes postage within the UK, if outside please send me your address and I can work out postage costs.
£100 contribution per mala detailed below, postage included within the UK.
Please see below for fuller details/properties of this mala and at the bottom how to keep in touch! 🙂
Blue Fire Agate 108 Mala With Sodalite & Magnesite
The 108 beads that make up the length of the mala contain Sodalite and Megnesite


It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, along with verbalisation of feelings. Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. Sodalite balances the metabolism boosts the immune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies.


Magnesite instils deep peace during meditation. Placed on the third eye, this stone enhances visualisation and imagery, and can promote dynamic and revolutionary ideas. It assists in producing an opening of the crown chakra. It also opens the heart chakra and stimulates heartfelt love.
vBlue Fire Agate 108 Mala With Sodalite & Magnesite
The Guru Bead is Fire Agate (blue)

Blue Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a protective and grounding stone with a calming energy. It is said to build a protective shield around the body, deflecting ill-wishing and harm and reflecting it back to its source. It stimulates energy and life force and is said to increase sexual vitality and libido.
Blue Fire Agate 108 Mala With Sodalite & MagnesiteBlue Fire Agate 108 Mala With Sodalite & Magnesite
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Sending you all lots of love and calming vibes during this time, Justine xxx

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