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Spirit Writing
I discovered what I call ‘Spirit Writing’ or what some call Automatic Writing purely by chance during my Angelic Energy Healing ® with Flavia Kate Peters.  During our training, we were asked to connect. with Spirit, and write something.  At the time I thought ‘how ridiculous of course nothing is going to happen, I can’t do this’ that ever eternal little shadow self poking it’s nose in, I was going to say where it’s not wanted, but often is as it teaches us a lesson.
So I did what I was asked, I connected and asked with love and light, suddenly I was writing a stream of things not in a fashion at all that I would write and I found myself deeply emotionally connected to it having asked for personal guidance.
Thinking it most likely a fluke, or one-off, I decided to try it again after meditating.  I have meditated for years now, normally daily, and this started after a long period of illness which caused me a lot of immobility, it was a way to ‘make friends’ with my pain and to find stillness in a busy mind and body that wouldn’t always listen to those little warning signs that were trying to tell me to slow down.
Spirit Writing
To my surprise I wrote another piece.  After this, I started to offer it during my Angelic Energy Healing ® Case studies and was enthralled with the pieces that I was getting.  You see I take no real ownership of the actual words, I don’t feel they come from within me, they are through my connection to Spirit.  The words that sometimes come through I don’t even understand, for example I wrote a fair amount of Irish wording once, which meant nothing to me, but did to the person who had Irish roots.  Often the piece is written with a slight poetic feel to it, in a very old style. The energy I feel often is from a very wise ancient place/being and just occasionally younger, but not young in our view of what is young, still old, just not as old as my usual communication.
Sometimes the pieces are immediate guidance for right here right now and sometimes they unfold over the year.  I ask for general guidance most of the time, it is not a yes or no situation and I have trust in that the guidance given is what is needed for that person in the timeline that they need it.
Often the piece is something that sinks in with a few reads and I often advocate using it as a meditative/mindful piece, to take time to sit with the words, to let them sink in and see how they unfold over time, with your emotions and intuition.
I have given a few examples below but remember because they are specific to a person or perhaps a sacred site or place they won’t have a personal connection with you in any way but they give an insight into the style that comes through.
If you would like your very own personal piece of Spirit Writing please email me on or text me on: +77 7950 246576
Once the writing is booked, I connect, write the piece and will email it over to you, for you in your own time to digest and connect with.  All  I need in order to do this is your full name.  I only do Spirit Writings directly for the people asking, not for friends of friends.
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Spirit Writing is where I ‘download’ words using claircognizance when channelling through to my Spirit Guides. The text is usually slightly poetical & very often esoteric with a timely message of Guidance which is usually a beautiful piece of text with which you can work with, within your own time as a form of guidance on your own Spiritual Path. It will give you insights and tips in which you can utilize. This Guidance is specific to you, a personalised reading in written form. To see examples please pop by to & type Spirit Writing in the search bar. Remotely via email.
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Please find a few personalised examples below:
Writing for B (young man)
The firefly settles upon the damsel in distress yet ponders what to do.  If only he would switch on the light there would be no more he would need to do.
But he wallows and squanders igniting his might, yet sits in replete wondering which day he might meet the time of ignition, of fire and bellow, to light up the sky with the furnace within that shines so brightly, yet appears so dim.
You must huff and puff till the discomfort eases and then step in to place, feet firmly on the ground, and bend with the winds not fight and take malice, soften and ease and breathe in nice and deep.
For there is no shame in the softness of emotion for underneath the fire hath lit it bright.  Be gentle yet strong in your desire for the willow, for she bends in supplication at the dawn of light when the time is for renewal and brightness of hope.
Bathe in her amour and find solace once more.
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Message for B (young female)
There is space within time,  a space where thou art mine.  
There is time within thyne heart, to make good all that beats within.
There is much to do mine, for you are the maiden of the summit.  The summit of all beings, to take into thyne own, for there is solitary time to weave upon the wheel, and time to contemplate the tasks that will set in motion all that needs to be done.
For there is no limit to what you can achieve, if only you will listen and place each thread carefully with love into place.
There will be more coming unto you, much more if you wait and ‘oh but listen’ to that which is said.
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Message For All Mothers
There is no telling what might happen upon a night, for it is all quelling and swelling upon a darkened storm.
There is no telling what happens upon a morn, for the lark has sung and the light shines bright until we are once more upon the night.
But what we do know is this, that there is no better than a mother’s kiss, that eases all woes and takes on all foes.
There is nothing better than the carress of love wrapped in a mother’s embrace, tangible yet magical as it infuses the soul.
There is nothing better than being lain to rest, sweet palm upon brow, taking the helm at the bow.
There is nothing better when the morn doth rise but the sun does shine within her eyes.
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Sending you all Spirit Blessings, Justine xxx

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