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Hand Wrapped Peruvian Opal, The Gentle Companion
It’s impossible to describe the delicious colour of this Opal, I want to just drink it all up, that may sound odd, but it’s just the most truly delicious colour, makes one’s mouth water literally looking at it.
Peruvian Opal is quite a rare stone that can only be found in the Andes Mountains, close to San Patricio, Peru of which is it the National Stone, it has a translucency to it and resembles the colours of the Caribbean sea.
The high water content in this stone makes it delicate to heat so too much could cause it to fracture and dyed stones that pass for Blue Peruvian Opal are very common and are sold very cheaply at internet auctions and gem shows.
It is an excellent companion stone because of it’s soft and soothing energy, getting the tension out of the body and clearing unnecessary thoughts. It encourages your ideas to flow freely, freeing your talents and gifts. It is also a wonderful stress reliever, encouraging harmony and releasing old wounds brought about by emotional trauma, allowing you regain balance in your life.
Excellent stone to help achieve your financial goals, giving you interest and confidence to deal with anything challenging yet rewarding, also allowing you to sort out complex problems.
It is highly karmic, putting out positive thoughts and emotions then attracting them back. Creates a flow strengthening your connection to yourself and your insights.
Hand Wrapped Peruvian Opal, The Gentle Companion
Other key benefits are:
☑ Quietens the mind and promotes a deep and restful sleep.
☑ If you combine this stone with gold it can help to guide you to be in charge of your romantic affairs without being influenced by external factors.
☑ Enhances intimacy, giving the right balance of love and desire, letting go of inhibitions.
☑ Emotional stabilizer
☑ Enhances spontaneity
☑ Reveals secrets and reduces veils around the heart to promote honesty in feelings.
☑ Peace and tranquillity

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♡ Each and every pendant is unique, no two the same, just as unique as you are!
♡ These pendants are lovingly hand wrapped with 14ct gold filled wire and should last a lifetime with normal use.
♡ For cleaning tips, please go to the jewellery care section on this website.
♡ Measurements are approximate and are taken from the widest point of the stone/crystal and for the length, the measurement includes the loop at the top.
♡ Postage is recorded and tracked as these are one-off pieces are irreplaceable, please note you are responsible for checking the tracking once the tracking number is given and ensuring that you contact your local post office in the event that it has not arrived in a timely manner.
♡ To keep the retail price down, the pendants are sold without a chain, as many people have their own chains they are happy to use rather than pay an added unnecessary cost. If however, you do need a chain to be supplied I have a limited amount, please contact me directly to discuss and it will add a couple more days on the delivery time to complete.
♡ The photographs show the back of the pendant as well as the front, I have also with some pendants shown the difference to when it lies flat or when it has the light shining through it.
♡ Please note that the healing properties are for guidance only, they are not a substitute for seeking medical help or taking conventional medicinal advice.
♡ Each pendant comes with its own lovely Aurora Facts keepsake box.
♡ If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
♡ Please peruse my website further at Aurorafacets.com for a wealth of Crystal Healing information, Moon Rituals, various Healing Techniques and Wellness.
Wishing you crystal blessings, Justine ღღღ

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