Youth, Beauty & Good Health

Acai 108 Boho Mala
Handmade in London, all as uniquely different as you are, no two the same!

Acai seeds are related to youth and beauty, the Amazonian Indians believe the person who uses this seed will be forever young and healthy.

Acai is one of the most diversely sustainable fruits in the world, helping to sustain local economies, the environment, and local families of the Amazon.

This low maintenance tree could be one part of the solution to stopping the destruction of the rainforest.

And it’s healthy too, laden with more anti-oxidants than any other fruit, so though we don’t suggest putting your mala in your breakfast, popping by your local market and getting some ready to eat will fill you no doubt with vitality!

These malas are currently showcasing at Bhuti London: 50 Hill Rise, Richmond TW10 6UB
Much love, Justine xxx

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