What Will This Full Moon Bring?

“The June 2019 full moon is also important because it is the last moon phase of the current eclipse cycle which began with the January 5 solar eclipse,” explained Astrology King. “So for many reasons, this is a full moon to make your longterm dreams come true.” This moon will rise in the fiery, philosophical sign of Sagittarius, and its energy is helping us to revisit the goals and intentions we set at the very beginning of 2019. June’s full moon is offering us a renewed burst of energy and zeal to accomplish our dreams and motivating us to get ourselves back on track.
Historically the Full Moon is a time that we can de-clutter, let go and release in all areas and it can be wonderful to utilize this time to do so and as such free up space for more positive things to enter your timeline/space.
If you are unsure of how to do this here is a link to a post I wrote on my Aurora Facets Website a while ago, happy reading:  Full Moon Rituals
Meanwhile sending you full moon blessings ♡♡♡
Triple moon