Time For You!

Meditation, Mindfulness and Me-Time, I call the 3 m’s are an important part of everyday life, or at least that is an ideal!  When I first suffered from my chronic pain I found that these three things when practised regularly and this can be in small bite-sized chunks, has the ability to still the mind, to then allow it to be free of all the fears, the hectic going’s on within the mind and as such free up the physical body to heal without being encumbered by negativity.
For whichever purpose you decide to utilize the 3 m’s know that you are creating space within to heal, time for the chaos to subside and some self-love to nourish both inside and out.
With that in mind, I am sharing a small yet powerful visualisation below which can be as long or as short as you wish in time, bringing in the healing white light and ridding oneself of negativity.
Creating the possibility of a new moment with a fresh palette whenever you wish and manifesting the life that you wish, set the intention, see it as is and it could well be, for we are all set within this space of multi-dimensional reality in time and space.
We can slip in a fourth M, Manifest!

Visualisation Meditation

Healing White Light

  • Sit in your meditation posture
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a few deep diaphragmatic breaths and do progressive muscle relaxation
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a cocoon of radiant white light
  • Feel the light filling you with serenity and bliss
  • Inhale the brilliant light with each in-breath
  • Let it permeate your entire body, washing through every organ, penetrating every cell, suffusing every atom until you are completely absorbed in it
  • If burdened by a problem or emotion, exhale the negativity out in the form of thick black smoke
  • If you desire a particular state of mind or existence, then focus on how you will be after having achieved it, and inhale that image with every breath
  • Make the image as detailed as possible
  • Add colour, sound and smell to it
  • Make it real-life!

I found myself thinking this was such a powerful image and when embracing this visualisation very powerful physically, the image of the union between light and dark depending on how you are at the time of doing this visualisation can pack quite a punch, so be gentle with yourself and allow time for integration and healing.
Exhaling black smoke
Wishing you well, Justine xxx

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