Spirit Writing, What Do The Trees See

I am here out in Barbados and surrounded by glorious palm trees. I took some time to meditate and connect with the tree spirits here, yes a little tree hugging went on and wow their presence so powerful that I wanted to see what they might have to say. I don’t know how old they are but I believe there are many tree spirits here of old having seen much.

I leave you with what I heard…

We feel the balmy winds across our fallen leaves as Spirit connects one and all to us.

Our boughs may bend in transcendence to the will of air but our grace remains with supplication as we bow before the elements that claim to shape and form us, yet we work as one, giver and receiver.

There is no enemy within this tribe, there is no conflict to be had within Spirit of Nature, yet we look at man and see times are fraught.

The jagged lines show about one, untempered and frayed. For there is much healing to be done, if only you would listen, we could but help.

We tell the stories of old and the stories of new, the keepers of knowledge where keys to treasure lie within.

The keys to perform the ancient rites of civilisation, the keys to what lies within us all, here and now as it was then.

Wishing you a beautiful day, Justine xxx