I thought I would include this beautiful written piece on the word Aloha, taken from huna.org, which to me depicts what this mala is all about.

Love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy

Aloha Mala 108 Mala
The word Aloha holds within itself all one needs to know to interact rightfully in the natural world. These insights describe an attitude or way of life sometimes called “The Aloha Spirit” or “The Way of Aloha”.
The spirit of Aloha was an important lesson taught to the children of the past because it was about the world of which they were a part. One early teaching goes like this:

Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of me. When there is pain – it is my pain. When there is joy – it is also mine. I respect all that is as part of the Creator and part of me. I will not willfully harm anyone or anything. When food is needed I will take only my need and explain why it is being taken. The earth, the sky, the sea are mine to care for, to cherish and to protect. This is Hawaiian – this is Aloha!

As the child grew, the need for a fundamental code of ethics was taught. This code is found within a deeper layer of the meaning of the word Aloha. The code is derived from one of the acronymic meanings of Aloha.

A, ala, watchful, alertness
L, lokahi, working with unity
O, oia’i’o, truthful honesty
H, ha’aha’a, humility
A, ahonui, patient perseverance

Pomegranate symbol

Pomegranates are one of the “earliest cultivated fruits, tracing back as far as 3000 BC” with some believing that the “forbidden fruit” picked by Eve of the Bible was not an apple, but a pomegranate fruit (Wolf, B., 2006). Not only does the pomegranate fruit have its roots in biblical stories and paintings, but in greek mythology as well as it was believed that the “pomegranate tree was first planted by the greek goddess Aphrodite” (Avey, 2014). Persephone, daughter of harvest goddess Demeter, is also involved with this fruit, as her “taste for the pomegranate caused her to spend time in the underworld” (Wolf, 2006). The pomegranate fruit featured in many works of art and literature is consistently portrayed along the side of distinctive female figures.
In this modern age, pomegranates are still widely sought after by many people for the same symbolic values of health, fertility, and rebirth. To certain groups of individuals, the pomegranate fruit is also known as an aphrodisiac, “a food or drink that increases sexual appetite” (Bartolini, 2015). This term derives from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, passion, and beauty.

 Aloha Mala 108 Mala

Turquoise pendant with seed beads

The Physical Healing Powers of Turquoise. As a healing stone, Turquoise is among the crystal healing master stones. According to followers of the New Age, the healing powers of Turquoise can benefit the whole body.


It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.
Aloha Mala 108 Mala


Glass has its own kind of magic. While it lacks crystal structure, other characteristics give the various forms of glass their own power: colour, included materials, light refraction or reflectivity, shape, tradition and history. In fact, humans have used glass so long, we could think of glass as sort of the “domestic dog” of the mineral world; it’s such a part of human culture that our paths are intertwined. Tools and weapons using obsidian date back to prehistory, including some of the oldest artifacts known. Glass jewelry has long been treasured. And glass mirrors gave people the ability to look at ourselves, bringing us to reflect on our own identity.

Red Fossil Coral

Fossil Coral is said to be a gift from the stars that is used to enhance telepathic communication with other realms and dimensions. The Quartz qualities in fossils make them perfect tools for working on past life memories. Quartz is known as a recorder of time and events.
Coral Fossil is also helpful for promoting inner peace and quieting disruptive thoughts. It can be used for opening the gateway for communications with dead relatives and for receiving insights into some of the infinite Universal knowledge.
Fossil coral is said to assist in business endeavours, whilst keeping you grounded and motivated; it is also said to be an excellent protection stone for travel on or near water.
Aloha Mala 108 Mala


Amazonite crystal gives you the wisdom to recognize compassion by energizing and supporting the heart chakra. This powerful stone gently infuses the spirit with your truest intentions, liberating your soul from negative or confusing influences trying to throw you off course. Life may seem overwhelming and bewildering at times, but the Amazonite brings order to chaos with its pure light overflowing with love and hope.
The medicine of the Amazonite teaches us to love the truth of our inner selves, the only way to truly know it. Meditate with Amazonite crystal and channel its infinitely wise message – sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself.
The mantra I sung with this is:
Gayatri Mantra – Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha with Translation | Meaning & Significance
Wishing you a blessed day, Justine xxx

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